Obama Ad Panders to Catholics, Ignores His Abortion Record

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Sep 11, 2012   |   12:00PM   |   Washington, DC

The campaign to coverup President Barack Obama’s pro-abortion record in his campaign’s outreach to Catholic voters has begun in earnest.

Already, a Catholic University of America professor is under fire for claiming Obama is pro-life and saying he deserves re-election. Now, the Obama re-election campaign has released a new vide that one leading pro-life Catholic activist calls “laughably lame” in its attempt to “gin up support for his “Catholics for Obama” group.”

The ad contains no mention of Obama’s promotion of abortion, abortion funding, funding Planned Parenthood or the HHS mandate that has drawn strong opposition from Catholics and the Catholic bishops.

Thomas Peters of Catholic Vote says:

As always, because Obama’s campaign towards Catholics is one of misdirection, it is important to note what he does NOT talk about. For instance: his support for same-sex marriage, for abortion on demand (and on the taxpayer dime), for Planned Parenthood, and against the religious liberty of CATHOLICS!

Besides bromides and pictures of himself bowing his head in prayer, it’s amazing how little Obama has to offer Catholics as evidence that they should re-elect him according to Catholic principles.

“Expanding funding to Catholic organizations” was accidental to the government expansion Obama has overseen (and remember his administration’s choice to ban the U.S. Bishops from anti-sex trafficking efforts). His President’s Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships has been a disastrous joke that saw its head step down when he realized it served no purpose and the most notable member of it –Harry Knox– is most well known for accusing the Pope of being responsible for the death of HIV/AIDS victims in Africa.

“Increasing and Extending the Adoption Tax Credit” ignores his administration’s complacency with seeing Catholic (and Lutheran) adoption agencies shut down rather than be forced to place children in same-sex households. And the “Pregnancy Assistance Fund” hardly undoes the systematic plan he has enacted to place Planned Parenthood at the center of women’s healthcare “choices”.