Planned Parenthood Insider Now Works for Assisted Suicide Group

National   |   Rita Diller   |   Sep 5, 2012   |   7:10PM   |   Washington, DC

When Compassion & Choices, formerly The Hemlock Society, convened its June 2012 conference, former Planned Parenthood insider Theresa Connor, now director of government affairs with the assisted suicide group, was a featured speaker. She was public policy director for PP in Washington state for 15 years and instituted the research and strategy behind the 2001 Erickson v. Bartell case “that required employers’ insurance plans to cover prescription birth control under anti-discrimination laws.

Connor joined Compassion & Choices’ president, Barbara Coombs Lee, author of Oregon’s “Death with Dignity” Act, were co-speakers at the conference on “the strategies for success in affirming and protecting end-of-life liberty, including aid in dying in the states.”

In addition, Connor moderated a panel consisting of Kate Tudor, Health Care Lobbyist from White Tudor, LLC; Elaine Faithful; The South Carolina Coalition for Healthy Families; and Sammie Moshenberger, from the National Council of Jewish Women and Coalition for Religious Liberty, in explaining how to counter “conservative political ideology and religious doctrine that have nothing to do with good medical practice or patient needs.”

“Learn how you, as an end-of-life advocate,” the program says, “can work with reproductive justice and LGBT allies to defeat refusal legislation at the state and federal levels.” The topic of the presentation was “Legislating Medicine and Morality.”

Also on the agenda at the conference was “Mastering Your Voice about End-of-Life Choice.” The program says, “Topics, terms, images, and arguments in the end-of life conversation can be complex, unwieldy, painful, and even off-putting. Yet an ability to talk about VSED, POLST, advance directives, and the potential for conflict with Catholic healthcare can turn a skeptic into a convert, a recalcitrant senior into a prepared patient, and an opposing legislator into a supporter.”

We have long been aware of the slippery slope that leads from birth control, to abortion, to pressuring the elderly and caretakers of the critically ill to end their lives. Planned Parenthood operatives like Connor transition into organizations that deal with assisted suicide, bringing with them their allies in the culture of death. In reality, assisted suicide, abortion, and birth control are all fruits of the same tree—secular humanism. The secular humanists work unceasingly to saturate every phase of life with the poison of the culture of death under the guise of liberty and even religious liberty.

Now consider Obamacare as it relates to end-of-life issues. It mandates that an elderly person meet every five years with an “advance care planning practitioner” to update his or her end-of-life health orders. The program for life-sustaining treatment is guided by a coalition of “stakeholders”—interested parties who guide policy on healthcare provisions, costs, etc.

Echoing Planned Parenthood’s strategy, the assisted suicide agenda is cloaked in compassionate-sounding terms to hide its grisly agenda of attempting to one-up God and become the arbiters of life and death. The same type of verbal gymnastics are employed in Obamacare when it comes to dealing with the end of life of the elderly.

American Life League provides a pro-life advance directive to help insure that your wishes and those of your family are actually carried out in a health crisis situation. For more information about our “loving will,” read this article. Note: Rita Diller is the national director of American Life League’s Stop Planned Parenthood Project.