MSNBC Host: “Get Your Abortions Now In Case Republicans Win”

National   Steven Ertelt   Sep 4, 2012   |   12:20PM    Washington, DC

Touré Neblett, a co-host of The Cycle on MSNBC, is garnering criticism from pro-life advocates today after sending out a re-tweet on Twitter encouraging women to get abortions in case Mitt Romney defeats President Barack Obama in November.

“Girls, get your abortions NOW in case the Republicans win,” the re-tweeted message said.



Neblett, according to Wikipedia, is “an American novelist, essayist, music journalist, cultural critic, and television personality based in New York City. He was also a contributor to MSNBC’s The Dylan Ratigan Show and serves on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Nominating Committee. Toure currently hosts The Cycle on MSNBC with political strategist Krystal Ball, conservative columnist S.E. Cupp, and MSNBC’s political writer Steve Kornacki.”

The re-tweet immediately came under fire from pro-life people on Twitter.



Lori Ziganto called it “sick and racist” while Andrew Bair said it was “just wrong” for Toure to have RTd the tweet.

Other comments included:

“Can you get any dumber?”

“Huh? As in, get knocked up with that purpose?”

“That’s quite disgusting.”

ACTION: Complain to Toure here.