Are Pro-Lifers Misogynist Pigs Who Hate Women?

Opinion   |   Matthew Warner   |   Sep 3, 2012   |   4:34PM   |   Washington, DC

I get that a lot. Apparently because I think innocent human life, particularly the most vulnerable and the “least among us”, should be protected from being killed, this means I hate, dis-like or mistrust women (that’s the “misogyny” part).

It also means I want to take away womens’ rights and force them into back alleys with no choice but to kill their own baby with a coat-hanger. The reason I feel this way is because I have a deep-seated need to control women and squash them into submission. In fact, I’ve been told that I probably beat women, too (that’s the “pig” part).

Whenever I hear such nonsense, it would be very difficult to take seriously except for the fact that those spewing it actually mean it seriously. They honestly think that the hundreds of thousands of people marching in Washington DC every year (and the hundreds of millions of others who agree with them) hate women. This ignorance is repeated in the “pro-choice” echo chamber enough that these products of the flawed feminism of decades past have truly begun to believe it.

I’m not saying all “pro-choicers” believe that. But many do. I’ve met them. They’ve told me how much I hate women. If this is you, please go to the march next year. Even if you go to protest it, you will see the stark contrast between the real world and yours.

The vast majority of pro-lifers truly do want to protect innocent human life. Yes, the innocent human life that happens to be located inside a woman’s body. We wish we could protect this human life without having to tell a mother she can’t kill him or her (yes, about 25 million American women have had their lives taken from them by abortion in the past 40 years). But this just happens to be how new humans are made…they start out inside another person – a woman. Pro-lifers celebrate this amazing gift and unique ability of women. Whereas many “pro-choicers” want to suppress it, deny it or destroy it. If anything, that’s misogynist.

And if we “mis-trust” women it’s because trusting them with this decision has led to the killing of over 50 million innocent babies in our country alone in the past 4 decades. And if we mis-trust anyone, it’s not just the mothers. It’s the fathers. It’s the doctors. It’s the support systems (or lack there of) of the women who become so desperate as to think the only option is to kill yet another member of the next generation – their child.

From there many pro-choicers make another totally inaccurate charge – that pro-lifers don’t care about the mother or about people after they are born. This is another example of how spending too much time in their own echo chamber has led to embarrassingly unfortunate ignorance. Pro-lifers have led the way in caring for mothers and those involved in crisis pregnancies. And, for example, one of (if not the) primary forces in the pro-life movement is the Catholic Church…which just so happens to be the largest charity organization in the world, caring for the poor and needy in every corner of the world in every possible way imaginable. It would be a laughable charge if such ignorant misinformation wasn’t being used as a weapon to advance a dangerous cause.



And still, after reading all of this, many of these pro-choicers won’t have heard a word of this. All they could think with every sentence is “Well see, that takes away a woman’s choice. And see, you DO want to control her body. Therefore you think women aren’t equal with men.” Their flawed feminism has taught (brain-washed) them to focus on being able to make whatever choice they want. And it’s failed to teach them to make the right choice. They can’t get past it. And they can’t possibly believe a pro-lifer may truly just want to stop women from making the biggest mistake of their lives and killing their own child (a human life, as science confirms). We’re all misogynist pigs. And that’s final.

LifeNews Note:  Matt is a full-time CEO, husband and stay-at-home Dad trying his best to balance it all. he engages in what he calls “imperfect attempts at figuring out the important stuff in life.” He blogs at Fallable Blogma, where this originally appeared.