Obama Fears a Real Debate on His Lengthy Pro-Abortion Record

Opinion   |   Carol Tobias   |   Aug 28, 2012   |   10:19AM   |   Washington, DC

This could be Barack Obama’s worst fear: A real debate. The Obama campaign’s strategy has been clear since the moment Mitt Romney emerged as the Republican Party’s presumptive nominee. Obama and his allies’ strategy has been to hit Romney hard with personal attacks, define him negatively in the public eye and make him unpalatable to voters.

If you live in a swing state, you’ve seen this strategy in action. Scores of millions have been spent on television ads to demonize Romney, and even his wife. Personal attacks, not discussions of policy, were the order of the day.

So Romney was portrayed as someone who coldly cut jobs, when he actually created jobs for thousands. He was portrayed as someone who’d conduct a ”war on women,” when he actually supports pro-life laws that protect women and their unborn babies (even more bizarre is the irony that Obama himself opposed legislation against sex-selection abortions, which are typically directed against little baby girls – that’s a real war on women!).

The ad hominem attacks got so deep into the gutter that Romney was accused of causing the death of the wife of a former worker in a company that Romney’s firm had invested in. A superPAC that supports Obama implied that the woman lost her health insurance when her husband’s plant was closed and that Romney was to blame. But it turned out all the events happened long after Romney left the firm.

The accusation that Romney had caused a woman’s death was despicable, as low as it gets in politics. But Obama refused to disavow it. He won’t, because with polls showing most Americans opposing Obama on most issues, his only hope is to demonize Romney so much that 51% of voters refuse to support him.

Enter Paul Ryan and the “Game Change.”

Romney has a completely different strategy for his campaign, one that must be causing fits at Obama’s campaign H.Q. Romney’s strategy became apparent with his selection of Paul Ryan as his vice president.

Romney and Ryan intend to have a discussion on the issues. Unlike Obama, they’re not afraid to debate real issues. They’re going to have this discussion – with Obama, if he will engage; but at least with the American people if he will not. And our politics will be better for it.

Romney and Ryan’s starting point with this discussion is one of respect; they believe the American people are intelligent enough to discuss tough issues that go deeper than accusatory slogans like “war on women” to describe our goal to protect unborn babies AND their mothers.

Romney and Ryan believe if they lay out the facts and choices and articulate them well, they can earn the votes of a majority of Americans. How refreshing that is!

Obama and Biden will continue their negative attacks because they know they can’t afford to openly debate or even acknowledge many of their positions. Proof of this came in the recent vote in Congress to prevent late abortions in the District of Columbia, abortions that occur late enough in pregnancy that the unborn baby can feel excruciating pain.



Reporters and observers waited and waited for Obama to state his position on the bill. He’d been an outspoken opponent of protections for unborn children in the past – why would he now fall silent?

Because Barack Obama simply can’t afford to run a campaign on issues. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan can.

In the final 75+ days of this campaign, the National Right to Life Victory Fund will conduct its own honest campaign that’s respectful of the American public’s intelligence and concern for innocent human life. We will state the candidates’ voting records and public statements on abortion. We will forcefully make our case and then look the American people square in the eye and ask them to vote for pro-life candidates. When we talk about our opponents, we will tell the truth.

If Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan win in November, it could be the start of a refreshing trend in representative government – one where candidates and their supporters speak openly and honestly about their views and where they intend to take the country, not one of slash and burn against the reputations of honorable, decent men and women.

LifeNews Note: Carol Tobias is the president of the National Right to Life Committee.