War on Women Rhetoric Fails, Romney Leads Obama With Married Women

Politics   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Aug 27, 2012   |   1:29PM   |   Washington, DC

The War on Women rhetoric of the Obama campaign, Planned Parenthood and other abortion backers appears to be failing — at least with married women voters, according to new polling data.

A new Washington Post/ABC’s poll finds married women prefer pro-life Mitt Romney over pro-abortion Barack Obama on a 55-40 percentage point majority.  Christian Heinze, a reporter for The Hill, indicates that means Romney is running ahead of the pace at which John McCain ran against Obama in 2008.

“Compare that with 2008 exit polls when Obama won married women with children, 51%-47%, while McCain won married women with no kids 53%-44%,” he said. “Romney’s 15% margin soundly beats both numbers.”

Heinze also notes that the new numbers put Romney where pro-life President George W. Bush was in 2004, when he won his bid for re-election.

“That 15% is identical to George W. Bush’s 2004 performance when he beat John Kerry among married women, 57%-42%, so there’s good precedent for Romney with his current margin,” he writes today.

Even with unmarried women, Obama is only polling in the neighborhood of where losing pro-abortion presidential candidate John Kerry polled.

“Overall, Obama’s current lead among all women (49%-43%) is thanks to his huge lead with unmarried women, 57%-32%. But note: That’s a smaller 25% lead than Kerry’s 29% win with single women in 2004. So among both married and single women, Obama is doing worse than John Kerry. Thus far, the so-called “war on women” isn’t leading to any stronger a gender gap than in previous, close elections,” he said.

In a new interview taped last week and aired on Fox News Sunday today, Mitt Romney expresses a clear pro-life position saying he opposes abortions and is concerned about protecting both mother and child who are adversely affected by them.



“And in regards to the issue of abortion, that is something where men and women have alternative views on that or different views. We look at an issue like that with great seriousness and sobriety and recognize that different people have reached different conclusions,” Romney said during the interview.

“But it’s not just men who think one way, women also in many cases are pro-life. There are two lives at stake: the unborn child and the mom, and I care for both of them,” he said.

Romney said it is inaccurate for the campaign of pro-abortion President Barack Obama to portray him as opposing contraception.

“In regards to contraceptives, of course Republicans and myself in particular recognize that people should have a right to use contraceptives, there’s no validity whatsoever to the Obama effort to try and bring that up,” he said.