35 Realizations and Resolutions of a Pro-Life Woman

Opinion   |   Kristi Burton Brown   |   Aug 26, 2012   |   3:42PM   |   Washington, DC

  1. Life’s not all about me. It never was.
  2. There are people much worse off than me. I need to be there for them.
  3. I know people who have had abortions – who are currently on both sides of the issue. They deserve my love, not my condemnation.
  4. Unseen life is some of the most amazing life. I need to show it to the world.
  5. As time passes, the truth becomes more clear – not less.
  6. I am on the side of Truth.
  7. It’s not a battle between mothers and their children. It’s about making every human being equal.
  8. Life is precious, but not as highly valued as it should be. I am working to change that.
  9. I can choose to waste my time, entertain myself, or help a person in need. Every day, I must make my choice.
  10. Pro-life means that, for now, I’m mainly working on ending abortion, but it also means that I care about people at every stage of life – and I look for ways to help them.
  11. Yes, being pro-life extends to other issues like human trafficking and starving children.
  12. The law may be the law, but it’s not always right.
  13. I need to show others the importance of thinking for themselves, researching for themselves, and finding out what’s really real instead of just believing what they hear.
  14. Just because I’m told I am in the radical minority doesn’t mean it’s true. Often those who are wrong speak louder to drown out the sound of deceit.
  15. Standing up for life and truth is always, always worth it.
  16. Yes, it is about every single life I help to save. Every one.
  17. Even one life saved is worth a lifetime of work.
  18. My work isn’t for my own popularity, fame, or greatness. If I am a nobody, that’s okay, as long as somebody gets to live.
  19. I will have compassion.
  20. I will listen.
  21. I will not let listening persuade me that all opinions are right or true. Instead, I will be firm in what I know to be right and true, and lovingly try to change others.
  22. I am in a battle. A battle with great stakes. A battle for the very life of the innocent.
  23. Babies are indeed innocent of any crime and completely helpless. They do not deserve the death penalty we don’t even give to rapists.
  24. No matter how a baby gets here, he is just as valuable as me, my child, my best friend, and my mother.
  25. No matter what is “wrong” with a baby, she is just as precious as a “perfect” baby. In fact, every baby is perfect just as she is.
  26. I cannot be quiet. It’s just not possible.
  27. Abortion is bad for women, and I will tell this to my fellow women. I cannot let them continue to suffer and be lied to.
  28. Creativity is key – there is not “one answer” to ending abortion. It’s a compilation of all our work and, in my opinion, a miracle of God.
  29. I will hold firm to my faith, no matter who criticizes me for being a Christian or “enforcing my religion on others.”
  30. I will keep talking about what modern medicine, science, morality, human dignity, and basic common sense tell us about the unborn child.
  31. Choosing to be thankful, I will stand in awe that I was chosen for this time in history – to be a part of this struggle for life.
  32. Truth will always be victorious. No matter how long it is shrouded in darkness, truth always rises from the graves men create.
  33. My family – and my own precious child – should never be ignored as I fight for other children.
  34. I know the truth for a reason. And that reason is not for myself alone.
  35. I will not give up. I will not give up. I will not give up.

What are your realizations and resolutions?



LifeNews Note:  Kristi Burton Brown is a pro-life activist in her home state of Colorado, a pro-bono attorney for Life Legal Defense Fund, and a stay-at-home mom. This column originally appeared at the Live Action blog.