Forget Akin, Obama Ignored Planned Parenthood Sex Trafficking Videos

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Aug 23, 2012   |   1:33PM   |   Washington, DC

While the media and abortion advocates use controversial comments from Todd Akin for political gain, pro-life advocates say the Obama administration is where fingers should be pointed when it comes to women and rape.

They are bringing up the fact that the Obama administration, last year, ignored the potential crimes shown in videos showing Planned Parenthood centers helping undercover investigators posing as sex traffickers.

The videos showed Planned Parenthood abortion centers in three states and the District of Columbia assisting alleged sex traffickers in arranging abortions and STD testing for underage girls victimized by the sex trade. One Planned parenthood staffer was fired in New Jersey over her actions logged on camera and the House of Representatives approved an amendment de-funding the national abortion business.

The FBI launched an investigation after Planned Parenthood tipped off the federal government before the release of the videos in an action that Live Action founder Lila Rose said was an attempt to cover itself before the national controversy began over the actions of its employees.

Yet Attorney General Eric Holder said the Obama administration would not prosecute anyone involved in assisting the alleged sex traffickers.

“It is my understanding that the FBI actually has looked at that matter” and “prosecution was declined in that matter,” Holder said, according to the TPM web site, during a House subcommittee hearing.

At the time, Rose said she was disappointed the Obama administration is ignoring the evidence her group presented.

“An untold number of women, and possibly underage girls, are being exploited and likely in danger and the Justice Department is looking the other way,” Rose said in a statement.

“We are extremely alarmed by today’s statement by the Justice Department regarding Planned Parenthood,” Rose said. “We alerted the Justice Department, in writing, several weeks ago that Live Action conducted no activities in Indiana as reported by Planned Parenthood to the FBI. Therefore, unless there was another sting operation that we are unaware of, there likely was an actual sex trafficker in a Planned Parenthood clinic in Indiana, asking for their assistance.”

“The Justice Department has completely dropped the ball,” she added.

In a new interview with the National Catholic Register, Rose brought up the Obama administration;s refusal to investigate.

“Society puts abortion interests in front of the need to protect young girls from rape,” Rose told the Register. “The Justice Department should have long ago investigated Planned Parenthood. They would find widespread cover-ups of statutory rape.”

Life Dynamics’ president Mark Crutcher tells the National Catholic register that the Obama administration should be more concerned with investigating Planned Parenthood and less worried about Akin’s comments.

“In light of his comments about rape, I would ask President Obama to instruct the Justice Department to launch a criminal investigation of Planned Parenthood and the whole abortion industry,” he said. “It would be a very simple operation to do. Taxpayers are spending more than $1 million a day on an organization [Planned Parenthood] that is circumventing laws designed to protect children against sexual predators.”



“The epidemic of teen pregnancy is mostly the result of statutory rape,” Crutcher told the Register. “There are 3,500 abortions a day in this country, and a large percentage of those are done on underage girls. Most of those girls are impregnated by adults, not other kids.”

Crutcher explained that Life Dynamics investigated abortion businesses “because there is no place in the world where victims of statutory rape are more likely to show up. These places present an opportunity to catch adults who sexually violate children if the people who work in them would only obey the reporting laws that are in place. If President Obama wants to, he can have a dramatic effect on stopping statutory rape.”

This year, Life Dynamics released additional tapes showing staff at hundreds of abortion centers across the country covering up statutory rape. Life Dynamics released tapes from some of the 813 Planned Parenthood and National Abortion Federation centers it calls across the country. The group placed the calls from Texas, where it is legal to record a phone conversation without the consent of the other party. in the phone calls, an actress portrayed a 13-year-old girl who claimed her 22-year-old boyfriend impregnated her and that she wanted an abortion to keep her parents from finding out.