Wisconsin: Pro-life Tommy Thompson to Face Pro-Abortion Baldwin

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Aug 15, 2012   |   1:08PM   |   Madison, WI

Tommy Thompson, the pro-life former Wisconsin governor, won his Republican primary last night and will face pro-abortion Rep. Tammy Baldwin in November’s race for the state’s open U.S. Senate seat.

The Associated Press called the race with 81 percent of precincts reporting. Thompson led with 34.5 percent of the vote,over second place businessman Eric Hovde.

The race is a crucial one for pro-life advocates looking to recapture the Senate and Wisconsin Right to Life officials tell LifeNews they will be working to ensure Thompson wins. Former Congressman Mark Neumann came in third place and all three ran as pro-life candidates. A fourth candidate, state assembly speaker Jeff Fitzgerald, trailed in the polls.

“We extend to Governor Tommy Thompson our heartiest congratulations on his primary election win,” said Susan Armacost, Wisconsin Right to Life PAC Director. “Our organization enthusiastically endorses his candidacy and will work to inform Wisconsin voters of the stark contrast between Governor Thompson and Congresswoman Baldwin when it comes to protecting the most vulnerable of human lives.”

Armacost pointed out that Thompson strongly supports legislative initiatives that would build a culture of life in our nation where every member of the human family is cherished and protected.

“Whether the issue is protecting taxpayers from paying for abortions, upholding the conscience rights of those who do not want to participate in abortion and numerous other life-affirming measures, Governor Thompson strongly and courageously supports those initiatives,” Armacost said.

She told LifeNews: “Governor Thompson’s commitment to the protection of human life has always been evident during his distinguished career in public service.  As a member of the Wisconsin State Legislature and as Governor, he consistently supported and signed into law numerous proposals that have been responsible for saving countless lives in Wisconsin.  Wisconsin has one of the lowest abortion rates in the country and Governor Thompson’s actions on behalf of life contributed to this wonderful outcome.”

Armacost said Thompson’s opponent, Tammy Baldwin, has maintained “an ardently pro-abortion voting record throughout her years in the Wisconsin State Legislature and in the U.S. House. When it comes to the issue of protecting vulnerable human life, voters will have a clear choice in November,” said Armacost.



Control of the Senate is also monumentally important in terms of approving judges and, with the next president likely to make another Supreme Court selection or two who could determine the fate of abortion for another 40 years, having Republican control of the Senate is crucial to ensuring unborn children have a chance for judges who will rule in favor of their right to life.

Tammy Baldwin’s complete pro-abortion voting record can be found at Wisconsin Right to Life PAC’s election website, My Election Central, at www.WisconsinRightToLife.org