Pro-Life VP Pick Paul Ryan a Great Reason to Defeat Obama

Opinion   |   Carol Tobias   |   Aug 14, 2012   |   7:47PM   |   Washington, DC

Mitt Romney demonstrated his determination to have a pro-life Administration with his selection of Paul Ryan as his Vice President. Now it’s up to us as citizens to demonstrate OUR determination to give America a pro-life Administration by doing everything in our power to elect Romney/Ryan and defeat Obama/Biden on November 6th.

The differences between Obama and Romney, between Biden and Ryan, couldn’t be more stark. This series of Reasons to Defeat Barack Obama (available at has shown how extreme Obama has been in his support of abortion. Reason #19 highlighted Biden’s extremism.

In contrast, Romney chose, as the first appointment of his new Administration, U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, a man who not only has a 100% pro-life voting record on abortion and the life issues, but who has been bold in speaking up on the issue. His vocal defense of the rights of the unborn has long been appreciated by pro-lifers.

But there’s something more: The themes of the new Romney/Ryan campaign, themes Paul Ryan has articulated so well in his first days on the campaign stump, speak every bit as much to what pro-lifers yearn for as the economic issues they also address.

“The Courage to Speak the Truth” is one of those themes. With Paul Ryan, this will be an Administration that will say where America has gone off the rails and will work to get us back on track.

When Mitt Romney introduced his new Vice President on Saturday, he said “Paul believes in the worth and dignity of every human life.” He added “Today is a good day for America and there are better days ahead.”

Both men will fight to preserve the traditional virtues that make America exceptional. Mitt Romney said in his speech introducing Paul Ryan, “I want to keep America the hope of the earth by staying America.” Ryan said he wants to “preserve and strengthen the idea of America.”

You and I understand the “idea” of America includes protection for the rights stated at our founding: The Right to Life; to Liberty; and to the Pursuit of Happiness.

With Romney and Ryan, we now have a ticket that will fight for those rights promised to all of us in the Declaration of Independence. Obama has shown only contempt for the right to life and is arrogantly ignoring the concept of liberty as it applies to religious freedom.



You and I have a choice. We can do everything we can in the remaining 85 days before the election, or we can watch Barack Obama and Joe Biden drive America and her treasured values deeper and deeper into the ground in the next four years.

Millions depend on what we do, including millions of unborn children.

LifeNews Note: Carol Tobias is the president of the National Right to Life Committee.