Pro-Abortion Groups Bash Pro-Life Paul Ryan as a “Threat to Women”

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Aug 14, 2012   |   1:44PM   |   Washington, DC

On the heels of the announcement that pro-life Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan would become the running mate for GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney, the Planned Parenthood abortion business slammed the selection. Other top pro-abortion groups are right behind them in bemoaning the pick.

The abortion advocacy group NARAL wasted little time firing off an email to its supporters attacking Ryan and proclaiming him a threat to women.

“The threat to women’s reproductive lives and health just doubled,” NARAL president Nancy Keenan said in a dire-sounding email. “Anti-choice forces are thrilled with Ryan, and it’s no wonder why. During his time in the U.S. House of Representatives, Ryan cast 59 votes on abortion and other reproductive rights issues. He voted anti-choice each and every time. Ryan repeatedly voted for and cosponsored the Federal Abortion Ban, a law that criminalizes some abortion services, endangers women’s health, and carries a two-year prison sentence for doctors.”

Keenan also went after the quote from Ryan that has delighted many pro-life groups in terms of his steadfast pro-life commitment: “I’m as pro-life as a person gets. You’re not going to have a truce. Judges are going to come up. Issues come up, they’re unavoidable, and I’m never going to not vote pro-life.”

NARAL’s president laid it on the line for her troops:  defeat Romney and Ryan at all costs.

“We need your help to defeat the anti-choice Romney-Ryan ticket and all anti-choice politicians who are dangerous threats to women’s health,” she said. “Make no mistake about it: Ryan is 100% behind the War on Women agenda and, if elected on November 6, he’s ready to work with Mitt Romney the day after the inauguration to Defund Planned Parenthood clinics across the nation … Deny women in the military — who defend our freedom overseas — the right to use their own, private funds for abortion care at military hospitals … Pass legislation to effectively ban abortion coverage in state health-insurance exchanges; and Allow hospitals to refuse to provide emergency abortion care.”

For NARAL, the ultimate concern is that President Mitt Romney, with Vice President Paul Ryan’s support, would nominate the kind of judges who would overturn Roe and allow for legal protection for unborn children.

“Please help us get the word out: Romney and Ryan are dangerous to women’s health,” Keenan warned. “With nothing to stand in the way of the extreme Romney-Ryan agenda, we could lose the protection of Roe v. Wade … and anti-choice zealots could wipe out decades’ worth of reproductive rights we’ve fought so hard to win.”

“We can spread the word about these and other anti-choice candidates. But we’re running out of time. With less than 90 days to go, we need to knock on every door, make every call, and sound the warning bell to every pro-choice voter we can find. If we can get them to the polls, we can defeat anti-choice politicians running across the country and continue with all our important grassroots and advocacy work to ensure the right to privacy,” she said.

The pro-abortion group NOW also contacted its members and NOW President Terry O’Neill made it appear as if the world would somehow end if Romney and Ryan are elected to the White House.

“Republican Mitt Romney could not have picked a better running mate to telegraph the very essence of his campaign for president than Representative Paul Ryan,” she claimed. “Women should beware, because they are the targets or the disproportionate casualties in virtually every policy Romney and Ryan propose.”

“A Romney-Ryan administration would support anti-abortion efforts like “personhood” amendments, totally defund Planned Parenthood and all federally-funded family planning services, and use government to sanction religious opposition to birth control,” O’Neill proclaimed. “Their vision is a threat to women’s rights.”



Her group also promised grassroots action to stop the pro-life pair from winning in November.

“In the coming days and weeks, right up until November 6, NOW will reach out to voters to drive home the message that a Romney-Ryan administration would be truly devastating to our economy and to women in particular. We will be dogging Romney-Ryan on the campaign trail, mobilizing to expose the disproportionate impact on women of their positions,” she promised.

Leading pro-abortion Rep. Nita Lowey told BuzzFeed Saturday that Ryan is one of the leaders of pro-life advocates in the House, which makes her unhappy.

“House Republicans — of which Paul Ryan is a leader — would shrink government so small it can only fit under the door of a woman’s doctor’s office,” she said. “This proposal to mandate a potentially invasive procedure is just outrageous to me and millions of other women who don’t want the government interfering in private medical decisions.”