Red Cross Sets Up Blood Drive at Local Abortion Facility

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Aug 9, 2012   |   12:48PM   |   Columbus, OH

The American Red Cross in Columbus, Ohio is coming under fire from local pro-life advocates after it decided to set up a local blood drive at a prominent area abortion business.

The American Red Cross held the blood drive at the Complete Healthcare for Woman (CHfW) abortion facility on Cleveland Ave.

Ruth Yorston, Executive Director of Greater Columbus Right to Life, says the blood drive is another way for the abortion clinic to make itself look like a legitimate medical facility.

“Dr. Samuel continues to try to legitimize his abortion business by providing other positive health services,” she said. “No matter what other good things the doctors at CHfW do – and blood drives, prenatal exams, clinical trials and Ob/Gyn services are good things – they will never be able to legitimize their business enough to make up for the fact that two days a week they kill pre-born children.”

Yorston says the Red Cross is tarnishing its name and image by associating with the abortion industry.

“Whenever the American Red Cross agrees to hold a blood drive at a local business, they are allowing that business to use the Red Cross’s good name to promote the business,” she said. “And that is powerful. Building good will in a community increases the bottom line because people like to do business with people and companies they perceive as benevolent and caring of those in need.”

“The Red Cross has earned the good will of their supporters. They are well respected not just in the United States but around the world for the work they have done to supply healthy blood to patients in need, provide shelter and aid in national disasters, help soldiers and their families in war time, provide CPR and disaster preparedness training to individuals and corporations and more,” Yorston added. “They should be careful not to damage their good name and hard-earned good will by aligning with CHfW or any other abortion provider.”

The pro-life advocate urges Ohio residents to contact the Red Cross and make their voices heard by calling the Red Cross of Greater Columbus at 614.253.2740.

“Whether or not you can go out to the abortion facility today, please call the American Red Cross of Greater Columbus and ask that they no longer lend their good name to businesses that take the lives of pre-born children,” she said.



Last December, the International Red Cross came under criticism for suggesting abortion should be available.