Rap Artist Slim Thug: Abortion Should be Necessary Sometimes

Opinion   |   Susan Michelle Tyrrell   |   Aug 7, 2012   |   7:43PM   |   Washington, DC

As an adoptee who was supposed to be killed along with my birth mother, simply to avenge Palestinian family “honor,” I cringe when I read comments like the one that came across my Google news feed recently from rap artist Slim Thug who told a Houston radio station:

“I think abortion is necessary on some occasions. People be against it, but people don’t deal with the real life situations some people deal with,” said the hip hop artist. “I don’t think it’s right, I don’t think it’s good to have a baby and not be with the father. That’s part of the biggest problem.”

Mr. Thug, who admits he has three “baby mamas” and it’s working “but it’s not right,” said:

“My mother, she took care of me, but she was working seven days a week, 12 hours a day. That was a struggle, I seen how much she struggled and it was so hard coming up. I don’t even know who my daddy is. I don’t like that. I think a kid deserves both his parents. That’s why I think if you ain’t gonna be with somebody, you don’t need to have a kid with him.”

I am the first to admit not every pregnant couple is prepared to be parents. My mom wasn’t. Does that mean I should have died? Her culture said so. Her family said so. Thankfully, the Catholic church in the West Bank decided that Palestinian babies deserved to live too and managed to rescue me.

I don’t know who my daddy is either—except I know my Father. And adoption made that possible. Mr. Thug’s attitude reflects his name, as he uses his position as an entertainer and a role model to advocate abortion and ignore adoption. The two-level argument that one must either keep the baby or kill the baby is ignorant of the reality that is the thankful heart cry of millions of us who are really glad we didn’t die just because someone had sex.

Mr. Thug is abusing his role as an African-American leader. In a race where abortion is the leading cause of death among African-Americans, having taken the lives of 13,000,000 Americans since its legalization in 1973. The National Black Catholic Congress Reports:

The CDC reports that of the approximately 4000 abortions that are performed daily in the United States, 1452 of them are performed on African American women and their pre-born children. This means that although African Americans represent only 12% of the population of the United States, they account for 35% of the abortions performed in this country.

But Mr. Thug wants people to know what sometimes abortion might be the best answer if you want to have sex without consequence. Unfortunately, the consequence still exists for the dead baby, and the “baby mamma” who lives with the pain forever. Oh yeah, and the African-American community who is losing more and more of its citizens daily.

The interview which was a preview for his new book, How To Survive in A Recession, about being frugal, was promoted on Houston’s radio station 97.9 The Box. In the interview, Thug discusses his fun and casual life where he has freed himself from the life of “most black people” who don’t have money and tells how he has learned to just “chill in the crib” and overcome. It’s too bad he’s used this platform to become an advocate for merciless killing in the name of freedom.



LifeNews Note:  Susan Michelle Tyrrell is the editor of Bound4Life’s blog.