Irony: Celebrating a Pro-Abortion President’s Birthday

Opinion   |   Ryan Bomberger   |   Aug 3, 2012   |   1:40PM   |   Washington, DC

On Saturday, the President of the United States, who has spent the past four years dividing Americans rather than uniting, celebrates his 51st birthday. He will be lavished with all kinds of praise by the sycophants known as mainstream media.

Undoubtedly, groups like the NAACP, the ACLU, GLAAD, OWS and the failed Democrat party will laud him with undeserved accolades, but it’s fitting in their surreal universe. Anyone who can be given a Nobel Peace Prize without any record of actually brokering peace can certainly be praised for a myriad of mythological achievements from devoted surrogates.

Happy Birthday, Obama. Now get out.

This weekend in the battleground state of Florida, a completely original and unconventional TV ad, leading people to, will take to the airwaves and ride the digital spectrum to voters’ homes. Thanks to my tea-partying friends at Patriot Super PAC, who understand our Constitutional rights are under relentless assault, this is my birthday wish to the President (created for my

I am absolutely ashamed of the U.S. media establishment’s willing role as Obama’s personal public relations firm instead of the public watchdog for Americans who deserve journalistic objectivity. Poverty is at its highest level since the mid 1960s.

But it’s not Obama’s fault. Unemployment just inched up to 8.3% for this past month and continues to be much higher now among black Americans than it ever was under George W. Bush. But it’s not Obama’s fault. Remember all of those mortgages that Hope and Change was going to pay? We have a massive epidemic of foreclosures across the nation, but it’s not Obama’s fault. Public schools, like the one he spoke at recently here in Virginia, are failing our children. Green Run High School, according to the VA Department of Education has failed to meet required levels of achievements for the last three years and is labeled as “Not In Improvement”.

Obama never mentioned this fact in his rally; continually failing urban public education isn’t his fault. Religious freedom has crumbled under the weight of the Obamacare Abortion-Causing Drug Mandate, effective as of August 1st, which requires all Americans to fund abortion and abortifacients. Freedom of religion is more than worshipping the media-appointed ‘messiah’. The revocation of our Rights of Conscience couldn’t possibly be Obama’s fault.

In a voter acquisition grab, Obama instructed the Department of Health and Human Services to remove the work requirement for those on food stamps, which has risen from 28.2 million enrolled under Bush to over 44.7 million under Obama. But the drastic increase in dependency on welfare isn’t Obama’s fault.

Democrats know how to woo their devoted flock, like a repeated abuser to a victim, promising it will be “different this time.” The party of slavery and wretched violence (who fought against outlawing KKK violence then and abortion today) depends upon sustaining the ignorance of its followers. Lying about nearly everything assures this state of ideological slavery.

No one has an excuse for the not knowing what’s really going on; we’re a technologically savvy society. It’s easy to find out how much of a failure President Obama has been. Blind loyalty has some serious side effects, like massive national debt (currently at $16 trillion), assaults on the success of small businesses (who apparently “didn’t build that”), veterans and pro-life advocates who save American lives labeled “terrorists” (although Big Sis’ Napolitano apologized to veterans), and Americans being forced to submit to any federal whim (aka Obamacare) as long as it’s taxed.

I built a successful small business with a lot of overnights, prayer, tons of sacrifice, and a work ethic that refused to deliver anything but excellence to every client. I did it without Big Government, without minority grants and without resentment toward others who achieved what America so uniquely provides–opportunity for all.

I’m encouraged by public efforts of the Coalition of African-American Pastors, the Catholic Church, conservative evangelicals and the National Black Prolife Coalition, and Patriot Super PAC that expose how incompatible the President’s policy stances on individual liberty, marriage, family, poverty and abortion are with a Christian and a fiscally conservative worldview. I’m forever inspired by the inimitable abolitionist Frederick Douglass, who called us to “agitate, agitate, agitate” to change the current situation.



As a Creative Agitator I gift President Obama with this song and visual expression from my heart. I will do whatever I can to help awaken people, to illuminate the truth, and expose the continuing failures of this President. Come November 4th, my vote will speak what my core convictions unquestionably feel: “Get Out!”