Like Steve Jobs, How Do We Know a Child’s Potential if They’re Aborted?

Opinion   |   Maria Vitale Gallagher   |   Aug 1, 2012   |   10:56AM   |   Washington, DC

While flipping channels one Sunday night, I decided to linger on CBS, where “60 Minutes” was about to start. The subject matter that night was the story and legacy of Apple founder Steve Jobs.

The initial segment featured excerpts from an interview with author Walter Isaacson, who, in fact, wrote the book on Jobs, thanks to his best-selling biography of the technology guru.

Isaacson spoke of how Jobs’ wife, Laurene, did not want the biography to paint her husband as a saint, but to capture the man as he really was, showing both his fabulousness and his faults.

An intriguing aspect of Jobs’ story was that he thought he was specially chosen, because his adoptive parents had instilled that belief in him. This deeply-held conviction seemed to propel him to strive to think the impossible–and then to achieve it.

Much has been made of the fact that Jobs’ birth parents could have chosen abortion, depriving the world of one of its most accomplished innovators. But there’s more to Jobs’ pro-life story than that.

“60 Minutes” also related how one of Jobs’ trailblazing products, the iPad, is now aiding autistic children and adults to communicate as never before. These individuals are overcoming their disability and accomplishing things that were before thought to be impossible.

In a pro-abortion culture, people with disabilities are often targeted for termination before they are permitted to take their first breath. In today’s society, some people just can’t seem to see past the disability to view the person in all his or her dignity and glory.

We Americans are even more interconnected than our Facebook friends lists suggest. One life can touch millions of others–faster than the speed of an email.

Technology is enhancing life in myriad ways — and it can save lives as well. The You Tube video showing the development of the preborn child, the text message from a sidewalk counselor to a woman contemplating abortion, the tweet offering a toll-free number for help for an unexpected pregnancy — each of these little technological miracles can help an unborn baby find safe refuge in the world.

As pro-lifers, we will continue to strive to change the law so that all preborn children are protected from abortion and their mothers are empowered to give birth. But until the day when Roe versus Wade falls by the wayside, we can turn to technology to produce the virtual miracles that will cut our abortion rate and will make us a more humane, caring nation.

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