Abortion Activists Vandalize Pregnancy Center’s Bus Ad

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Jul 25, 2012   |   7:01PM   |   Seattle, WA

Abortion activists not only vandalized a bus ad a pregnancy center ran in Seattle, Washington to reach women with information about abortion alternatives, but pro-abortion stalwarts are applauding each other for doing so.

Birthright of Seattle’s ad (see right, courtesy of Live Action), is a gentle ad offering a phone number and information about services the organization provides. Not content to let women make their own choices about whether to see something other than abortion, pro-abortion activists slapped a sticker over it reading, “Be advised: this is an anti-choice organization. They will NOT present you with all your legal & medical options. Call Planned Parenthood instead: [number].”

Thomas Peters, a Catholic pro-life blogger, responded to the vandalism, saying:

It’s ironic this anonymous vandal would promote Planned Parenthood over a pro-life pregnancy center when an Illinois woman just died after going to a Planned Parenthood clinic for an abortion (see my previous report here), and considering the news today that yet another woman has been injured during a Planned Parenthood abortion.

He noted how some pro-abortion activists were congratulating those responsible:

“Vanessa of Feministing: “Bad-a** of the Day. Awesome.”

Kaye of Upworthy: “Something pretty awesome happened – it got sticker-bombed”

Shelby of SK: “This is fabulous! Go random Seattle activist doing good in the world.”



Peters responded, saying, “All these pro-abortion activists seem to think this vandalism is justified because pro-life pregnancy centers don’t present women with all their “choices.” But of course we know it is Planned Parenthood that regularly misinforms, makes distortions, and lies to women about their total range of options (including adoption).”