Texas Monthly Launches False, Misleading Attack on Pro-Life Group

State   |   Rachel Bohannon   |   Jul 19, 2012   |   7:16PM   |   Houston, TX

Texas Monthly went beyond the pale yesterday by printing 15 pages of straight-out lies in order to paint Pro-Lifers as anti-woman.

The magazine’s feature article, swathed in hot pink, hypes up the so-called War on Women that abortion advocates say has been waged relentlessly for the past two years by Pro-Life lawmakers.

Mimi Swartz, the author, claims that women legislators were bulldozed by their male colleagues last year in Texas, and didn’t want the Sonogram Law, or a budget that redirected $64.2 million away from the abortion industry, to pass.

But apparently, Swartz has not bothered to examine the women’s voting records.

The truth is that more women voted in favor of the Sonogram Law than against it. The bill itself was authored by two men and three women.

Female lawmakers also supported the cuts to the abortion industry. Women voted, two to one, to redirect family planning funds away from abortion committees and their affiliates to better-qualified, less controversial programs and healthcare clinics.

Surely Texas Monthly wouldn’t suggest that all these women were waging a war on women? They weren’t. They voted in favor of women, and in favor of raising the standard of care for them.

The tale of the Texas War on Women is a tangle of contrived scenarios and outright lies. Swartz even went so far as to allege that Texas Right to Life’s own director, Elizabeth Graham — who happens to be a woman — verbally assaulted Senator Bob Deuell for not being anti-woman enough.



There is no such thing as a Pro-Life War on Women. On the contrary, while we’re being attacked by the pro-abortion lobby, we’re the ones fighting for women.