India Cracks Down on Sex-Selection Testing, Not Sex-Selection Abortions

International   |   Rebecca Taylor   |   Jul 19, 2012   |   10:05AM   |   Washington, DC

Just another indication of how abortion has turned the world upside down. India is cracking down on doctors that tell parents the sex of their baby. Charges have been brought and a handful of doctors have been suspended for determining the sex of a fetus and disclosing that information to the parents, which is illegal in India. Catholic World News reports:

A dozen doctors have been suspended from practicing medicine in India’s state of Rajasthan after authorities found that they were administering illegal sex-determination tests to pregnant women….

Officials in Rajasthan have brought charges against more than 300 doctors and clinics for allegedly performing sex-determination tests. To date 21 doctors have been penalized under the 1994 law.

But what about the doctors that will perform the abortions if the fetus is determined to be a girl? What happens to them? Do they get suspended for killing an innocent human being? Or will it just be the docs that simply determine the sex of the unborn?

Abortion, fine. Find out the sex of an unborn child and there will be hell to pay!

Even a Canadian doctor, when faced with the immorality of sex-selective abortion, suggested restricting the access to prenatal testing results instead of the abortion. Which seems to me a bit like trying to curb assisted suicide by not giving out terminal diagnoses.



This approach is flat out back asswards and is what might happen in the United States as well if the pro-life movement falls for the ruse that it is the testing that is inherently evil and not the abortion. I am sure the pro-abortion crowd would love us to spend our time pushing restricted access to ultrasounds and genetic testing instead of protesting at the local abortion mill. And I am positive that Planned Parenthood would rather have us praying our Rosaries and holding our signs in front of imaging centers and genetics clinics instead of fighting evil where it lives.

I have said it a hundred times. We need to stay focused on abortion as the killer. Prenatal testing will get better and more sophisticated. We cannot get distracted like a dog chasing squirrels every time a new prenatal test comes out.

In a world without abortion, we will rejoice at any new technology that gives us more of an understanding of the life that grows in the womb. The key phrase is “a world without abortion.”