Tree-Huggers Want Tree Saved at Hospital That Does Abortions

Opinion   |   Susan Michelle Tyrrell   |   Jul 18, 2012   |   4:45PM   |   Washington, DC

This isn’t a philosophical post about tree huggers who are pro-choice, it’s a real one. Last week I read this article about protesters at West Hills Hospital in the San Fernando Valley region of California who say that a diseased tree in the front of the hospital needs treatment from an arborist for its infection, not to be chopped down. They cite the hospital’s current remodel job that seems conveniently timed to remove the tree so they can make room for expansion.

“The tree’s infected,” she said. “They don’t know when it will happen, but the tree could fall, and when it does, it will fall toward the hospital entrance.”

The tree’s supporters are calling on the hospital to save it.

“If the tree is diseased, get an arborist to treat it…. There’s no reason to chop it down,” said Nar Gurgenian, a pharmacist who works next door to the hospital.

Layla Sweeney, an audiologist whose office is nearby, doubts that disease is the whole story. “It does seem to be an interesting coincidence that the tree is found to be infected the same time the remodeling is taking place,” she said.

Out of curiosity I took a look at the hospital website to see if it had any information on abortion. Indeed, it does. West Hills Hospital wants to you to know one of its services is a “therapeutic abortion.” This misnomer is deeply troubling since an abortion is neither therapeutic to the baby which is killer nor the mother who will live with the reality she killed her baby (or become hard to that reality in order to cope).


Later on the page, one of its references for patients is Planned Parenthood:

However, West Hills Hospital says that any serious guilt or grief you might feel is really likely the result of hormones:

Sudden hormone changes may intensify natural feelings of guilt, anger, sadness, and regret. Most doctors can offer or refer you to follow-up counseling, if you choose.

What they don’t say is that even after the hormones stabilize the trauma doesn’t. But by ironic and tragic contrast, the tree outside gets more attention than the babies dying inside. The story on the tree reports that:

The tree, which is lit by spotlights at night, stands in the middle of the hospital’s oval front driveway and is thought to be about 4 decades old.

Abortion in the United States, like the tree, is also 4 decades old, but the difference is that baby killing doesn’t make headlines at West Hills Hospital. Only tree killing.

It’s a sad day in America when abortion can be called therapeutic not only by abortion centers but by local hospitals charged with saving lives. How many unsuspecting pro-life patients choose West Hills Hospital not realizing death takes place not only by sickness and disease but by choice and convenience?

While protestors call for an arborist to heal the tree, the hospital calls for an abortionists to kill a baby. That’s the greatest infection of the hospital’s front driveway.



LifeNews Note:  Susan Michelle Tyrrell is the editor of Bound4Life’s blog.