Planned Parenthood’s Manipulative Language Strategy Leaked

National   |   Kristan Hawkins   |   Jul 12, 2012   |   10:19AM   |   Washington, DC

The power of words and formulating arguments is an extremely powerful and precise science. While pro-life advocates are careful to use words that accurately represent terms that surround abortion, Planned Parenthood is careful to craft their language and arguments in a way that will subtly manipulate the issue and cause confusion.

In addition to manipulating confusion, documents that SFLA has recently obtained from Planned Parenthood of NYC also proves that the abortion Goliath knows its losing in the court of public opinion.

In one section entitled, “Talking Points,” Planned Parenthood’s goal is clear: push feelings of empathy for the woman in order to diminish the sting of abortion. They want their representatives to “evoke empathy, emphasize personal decision making, and accept ambivalence” when speaking about abortion.

The most shocking bullet point on this page is when Planned Parenthood suggests that in order to win a person over to the pro-choice side your job is to make the other person feel relief that they didn’t have to have an abortion. These talking points blatantly prove that they understand abortion is not liked; a fact SFLA recently documented in our nationwide poll, showing that the plurality of 18-24 year olds view abortion as a “bad thing.”

In another section entitled, “Tips for Fielding Tough Questions”, Planned Parenthood of NYC opens by stating, “The secret to fielding tough questions is to stick to your worldview! After all, questions are simply opportunities for you to get your message out.” Or more straight forwardly interpreted: “Don’t really answer questions, just give them enough so that you can tell them how wonderful Planned Parenthood is.”

Their suggested response to the question, “Why are you a baby killer?” is “I’m proud to work for Planned Parenthood. We’re a nationwide healthcare provider…”

In a basic high school philosophy class, Planned Parenthood would have learned that they have just committed a logical fallacy of answering a challenge with an irrelevant conclusion. But this guide is not concerned about logic, it’s about ensuring that Planned Parenthood advocates are emotional and argument manipulators.



The good news is that we know we are winning because Planned Parenthood blatantly admits it must use emotion over fact and logical fallacies to make their case. However, we know more must be done and as pro-life advocates we must work to make sure Planned Parenthood does not succeed in steering the public eye away from the issue of abortion.

And don’t be afraid to call Planned Parenthood what it really is: an abortion Goliath, manipulator of women, criminal and a baby killer.