Melinda Gates Family Planning Summit Raises $4.6B for Population Control

International   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Jul 11, 2012   |   12:12PM   |   London, England

The Family Planning Summit sponsored by pro-abortion activist Melinda Gates has concluded and the sponsors and supporters of it have raised billions to promote population control worldwide.

Lisa Correnti, of the pro-life group C-FAM, which has been monitoring the summit, provided details about the final numbers.

“The UK Family Planning summit has concluded and the total financial commitment by attending countries and foundations amounts to $4.6 billion, which exceeds the $4 billion goal,” she explained. “The Gates Foundation was clear from the onset that it expected solid commitments from countries that attended. Now as one of the presenters said from a prominent foundation ‘we need to create the need through education.’”

“Apparently much of the unmet need is from women who don’t know they have an unmet need. Leave it to affluent western nations, billionaires foundations and pharmaceutical companies to do this,” Correnti said.

Gates herself, along with Microsoft founder Bill gates, is ready to front about one-quarter of the funds.

“In the afternoon session of the UK Family Planning Summit Melinda Gates pledged to increase support for family planning by $560 million through 2020,” Correnti explained. “This addition to current funding will bring the total to $1 billion  over the next 7 years.”

“Imagine if this funding was directed to providing clinics in the poorest regions of the world rather than for implants, injectibles, and sterilizations. What a shame,” she said.

Correnti said the pro-abortion activists who attended the summit came up with a plan to promote abortion and population control after its conclusion. Paul Hunt, together with Jane Cottingham and Adrienne Germain co-authored a document attendees are using to put pressure on nations to promote population control.

Hunt announced that his presentation would be provocative as he set out to explain how the old model of human rights which only addressed violation(s) against individuals and offered redress, has given way to a new model for the last ten years in which human rights are used “to shape laws, policies, programmes, and projects in relation to contraceptive information and services.”

The study published by Lancet and partially funded by the Gates Foundation outlines “how human rights can be used to identify, reduce and eliminate barriers to accessing contraception…enhance laws and policies; and governments’ legal obligations in relation to contraceptives and services.

Hunt continued saying that binding international law requires accountability by all states including a public reporting on what they have done to fulfill family planning obligations.

Hunt, a former UN Special Rapporteur on the right to the highest attainable standard of health (2002-2008) has consistently promoted comprehensive sexual and reproductive health services as a human right. As Special Rapporteur, his report to the Human Rights Council drew a scathing denouncement from the United States for going beyond its mandate in several areas including the promotion of abortion rights.



Co-author and presenter Jane Cottingham continued reporting on their study stating “an unmet need for family planning is an unmet need for human rights.” She pointed out that successes have come from the public health and human rights argument including the overturning of abstinence-only programs in the U.S.

The third co-author of the study, Adrienne Germain was absent from the presentation. Germain was the former president of International Women’s Health Coalition (IWHC). Past publications put out by this group under Germain’s leadership promoting a global access to abortion include how-to guides to eliminate laws restricting abortion and the administering of self-abortions for early and late pregnancies.