Black Magazine Essence Partners With Planned Parenthood

National   |   Ryan Bomberger   |   Jul 11, 2012   |   6:09PM   |   Washington, DC

Sometimes in life our most painful wounds are self-inflicted. Nowhere is that more evident, today, than in the black community.

Black entertainment, political, religious and academic leaders have tragically thrown their support behind the singular highest source of death in the black community—the abortion industry. Who needs cowards in white pointy hoods to promote racism and death when you can get Planned Parenthood to be the sponsor of one of the largest national African-American events?

One would think Planned Parenthood would be considered an enemy, not an event sponsor for Essence magazine’s annual Essence Music Festival.

The magazine has been in bed with Planned Parenthood for years, though, and is a multiple recipient of the population control chain’s annual Margaret Sanger Award. They even co-sponsored a national conference to help Planned Parenthood and its media allies strategize on how to combat my organization’s campaigns.

In the inverted world of abortion activism The Radiance Foundation is denounced for attempting to save black babies and restore black families, while Planned Parenthood (an organization that has killed more people than died in the holocaust) is regarded as a sponsor worth celebrating.

The Negro Project 2.0, using influential black celebrities to misinform the masses, was in full effect in New Orleans. Planned Parenthood’s website boasts not only of chronic race-baiter Al Sharpton headlining their circus of propaganda, but that the popular festival “is not only a great cultural event but also a great opportunity to educate festival attendees about health disparities” in the black community.

For the hundreds of thousands of attendees at this New Orleans event, that education didn’t include the facts about how unintended pregnancy rates continues to soar in the black community (while lowering among the white population) despite Planned Parenthood’s dominance in urban areas.

Their “comprehensive education” didn’t include the fact that more black Americans are killed by abortion (363,705 in latest reported year) than all other causes of death combined (289,366 deaths according to the CDC). But these are disparities the abortion giant will not and cannot talk about, because they are the cause of it.

Planned Parenthood, with its billion dollars in assets, billion-dollar annual budget, and widespread clinic presence in black neighborhoods across the country, could actually do something to help the communities that they “serve” instead of offering death as a solution. But you won’t see them promote abstinence or responsible sexual behavior, conduct food drives, provide educational scholarships or engage in housing renovation projects. They offer lots of contraception (which every single statistic available shows has done nothing to reduce the unintended pregnancy rate in black communities) and death via abortion. Essence magazine, B.E.T. (Black Enslavement Television), AOL Black Voices (now HuffPost Black Voices), NewsOne and so many other influential black media groups have chosen to form an alliance with the only organization that actually kills black children—and at far higher rates than any other race.

In New York City 1,489 black children are aborted for every 1,000 that are born alive. Sixty percent of all black pregnancies end in abortion, and this is happening in the city that serves as the headquarters for Planned Parenthood.

By now, any liberal reading this has already accused me of succumbing to Godwin’s Law. The holocaust is not only relevant, its underpinnings are foundational to the same eugenics movement that has birthed Planned Parenthood and abortion-on-demand in America and around the globe. (Please see the amazing documentation at the Eugenics Archive provided by, ironically, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, and the center of the American Eugenics Movement).

The International Federation of Eugenics Organizations (of which The American Eugenics Society and the New York based Eugenics Record Office at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory were an integral part of) based its perspective on race and heredity on the Rockefeller Foundation-funded work of Eugen Fischer (director of the Keiser Wilhelm Institute for Anthropology, Medical Genetics and Eugenics in Berlin, Germany). He developed the so-called racial hygiene theory.

This vulgar eugenic export of pseudoscience was embraced by Hitler’s Nazi regime, which implemented it in what we now know as the Holocaust. Their American counterparts implemented it in over 60,000 forced sterilizations, racist immigration policies, and a relentless birth control crusade headed by fellow eugenicist, Margaret Sanger, that has resulted in the most destructive eugenic action in history—the slaughter of over 54 million babies in the United States alone. This isn’t an issue of vague correlations, but direct causation.

The Negro Project 2.0 is simply a continuation of Sanger’s work to “severely reduce or eliminate” the birth rate of poorer blacks, as begun by the original initiative in 1939. By using prominent black pastors, academics, and other civic leaders, Sanger knew how best to get the resistant black community to embrace race-targeted birth control policies.  We’ve seen this strategy-of-influence before in history.

The Judenrat (or “Council of Elders”) was made up of prominent rabbis and other Jewish leaders to influence the Jewish community and convince their people to obey German orders despite the inevitable destruction that resulted.  They were first created in Nazi-occupied Poland. In Hungary, for instance, local councils were established to persuade the Jewish people to comply with Nazi orders. According to the Holocaust Education & Archive Research Team’s documented history: “Although the Judenrat members in Hungary were well aware of the Germans true intentions regarding deportations and extermination, as they had been informed of the slaughter of Jews in other countries, they gave no warning to the Jewish population.”

And likewise, today, black leaders and media elite give no warning of the inevitable carnage awaiting those who seem so willing to follow others because of identity politics. Because of something as insignificant (in light of virtue and character) as the hue of skin, many are led to slaughter their own flesh and blood and accept the propaganda that it’s for their own, and others’, greater good.

While inner-cities languish in increased poverty, disintegrated families, higher crime rates, poorly performing public schools, less job opportunities, increasing unintended pregnancy rates, exponentially higher abortion and STD rates, their self-proclaimed “saviour” rakes in hundreds of millions of dollars from their own racial hygiene theory called “reproductive justice”.

Planned Parenthood’s entire inception was rooted in the destructive and hate-filled, anti-Christian pseudoscience of eugenics that continues to direct their worldwide efforts of population control. So Essence magazine can pretend that the nation’s largest abortion chain is an ally. They choose to ignore history, refuse to see the present statistical reality, and revel in the fatal lie of ‘reproductive freedom’.

Essence proves that its essence is ignorance. Some say, “What you don’t know can’t hurt you.” Yes, it can. And every year for over 363,000 unborn future possibilities in the black community, it not only hurts, it kills.