Eighty Percent Expect Obamacare Repeal if Romney Wins

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Jul 9, 2012   |   3:41PM   |   Washington, DC

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds 80 percent of voters nationwide think it’s likely that the Obamacare law that allows abortion funding and prompts rationing concerns will be repealed if Mitt Romney is elected president.

Just 15 percent say it is unlikely that Obamacare would be overturned if Romney defeat pro-abortion President Barack Obama in November.

Since the Supreme Court upheld the Obamacare health care bill, pro-life advocates have focused on the next best effort to stop its implementation — defeating Obama and electing a pro-life House and Senate that will repeal the legislation.

Eighty-six percent (86%) of conservatives believe a Romney/GOP victory would lead to repeal. That view is shared by 76% of moderates and 77% of liberals. Some 52 percent say believe a GOP sweep would make repeal very likely. On a partisan basis, 88% of Republicans think electing Romney means repealing the health care law. So do 77% of Democrats and 73% of unaffiliated voters.

“This high level of belief is common across all demographic categories,” Rasmussen notes. “Most voters favor repeal of the law,  an attitude that has not changed since the Supreme Court ruled recently that it was constitutional. But belief that the law is likely to be repealed has plummeted. Approval ratings for the high court fell following the health care ruling.”

“Only 12% of voters think it is even somewhat likely the law will be repealed if Obama is reelected and Democrats regain control of the entire Congress. Eighty-three percent (83%) say an Obama/Democratic victory would make repeal unlikely. The president’s health care law was passed by Congress in March 2010 without a single Republican vote,” the Rasmussen polling firm noted.

Obamacare drew strong opposition from the pro-life community not only over abortion but because the legislation also promotes rationing of medical care that could lead to involuntarily denying lifesaving treatment.

The Supreme Court has incorrectly ruled that Obamacare is constitutional, pro-life groups are saying in response to the decision. They are pointing out that the need is greater now than ever to defeat pro-abortion President Barack Obama and elect a pro-life Senate that will join the House in repealing the legislation.

“All voters who care about the value and dignity of human life must do everything they can to elect Mitt Romney and a Congress who are committed to repeal of ObamaCare,” said National Right to Life President Carol Tobias. “If President Obama wins re-election, it will mean massive abortion subsidies and it will put the lives of millions at risk through systematic government-imposed rationing of lifesaving medical care.”

Tobias said the U.S. Supreme Court ruling upholding most of the ObamaCare law is a call-to-action for the right-to-life electorate to work to elect a Congress and president this November committed to repealing ObamaCare in 2013, in order to prevent a future in which abortion insurance will be heavily subsidized by federal taxpayers and federal bureaucrats will be authorized to ration life-saving medical treatment.



Under the enacted law, federal tax-based subsidies will begin in 2014 to subsidize millions of private insurance plans that will cover abortion-on-demand, including some plans (“multi-state plans”) that will be administered by the federal government. Under another provision of the law, the federal government could even order many plans that do not receive federal subsidies to cover abortion as a “preventive” service.  The law also created an array of other mechanisms and funding pipelines by which access to and subsidies for abortion can be expanded if President Obama wins a second term.

Moreover, few Americans realize that under ObamaCare, private citizens’ right to spend their own money to save the lives of their own families will be subject to drastic restriction.