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Obama Admin Again Rejects Indiana’s De-Funding Planned Parenthood

Indianapolis, IN | 7/6/12 7:13 PM

Planned Parenthood Slams Possible VP Pick McDonnell Over Ultrasound

Richmond, VA | 7/6/12 6:59 PM

The Planned Parenthood abortion business is attacking pro-life Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell, a potential vice-presidential running mate for Mitt Romney, over the new ultrasound law going into effect in his state.

After Obamacare Court Ruling Lots of Pro-Life Work To Do

Washington, DC | 7/6/12 6:28 PM

Congressional Hearing to Focus on Brutal Chinese Forced Abortions

Washington, DC | 7/6/12 5:41 PM

A Congressional hearing on Monday will focus on continued human rights attacks and abuses in China, even after the international attention on Chen Guangcheng, the Chinese forced abortion opponent who fled China to the United States following house arrest and persecution.

34 Lessons Learned From Thinking My Son Had Leukemia

Washington, DC | 7/6/12 4:28 PM

Pro-Lifers Silenced by Police at Rally File Free Speech Lawsuit

Dayton, OH | 7/6/12 3:47 PM

On June 8, Priests for Life Youth Outreach Director Bryan Kemper and pro-life advocates participating in a rally against the Obama HHS mandate were silenced by local police, who told them they couldn’t hold their pro-life signs.

Mississippi Still Has a Chance to Become Abortion Free

Jackson, MS | 7/6/12 3:17 PM

On Monday, pro-lifers received some disappointing news when a federal district judge blocked a law that would have likely put Mississippi’s lone abortion clinic out of business.

Wisconsin Abortions Drop 7.4 Percent, 576 Babies Saved

Madison, WI | 7/6/12 2:05 PM

Scott Peterson Appeals Death Penalty Sentence to Supreme Court

Sacramento, CA | 7/6/12 1:30 PM

Cardinal Dolan: Religious Freedom, Human Dignity Go Hand in Hand

Washington, DC | 7/6/12 1:05 PM

As any horticulturalist knows, you cannot cultivate roses merely by plucking weeds and killing aphids. One must plant rose seeds.

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