Tennessee: New Pro-Life Laws on Abortion Take Effect

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Jul 3, 2012   |   12:13PM   |   Nashville, TN

A handful of New pro-life laws take effect this week in Tennessee, helping provide further protection for women and their unborn children.

“Sunday, July 1, marked an important milestone as three common sense pro-life protections were enacted into law,” says Tennessee Right to Life about the following legislation:

* Requirement that abortion providers maintain admitting privileges in a licensed hospital in the county or community where abortions are performed (HB 3808 by Rep. Matthew Hill/ SB 3323 by Sen. Mae Beavers.)

* Ban on the use of telemedicine / Internet connections for dispensing abortion drugs such as RU 486, one of just 8 states to do so (HB 2792 by Rep. Matthew Hill / SB 3540 by Sen. Rusty Crowe.)

* Strengthening of Tennessee’s Unborn Victims of Violence Act so that unborn children of any gestational age may be considered victims of criminal assault or homicide if a pregnant woman is harmed or killed (HB 498 by Rep. Joshua Evans / SB 633 by Sen. Mae Beavers)

“Please take a moment to express your appreciation to each bill sponsor for their courage and conviction as well as their willingness to listen, lead and act alongside Tennessee Right to Life for the protection of human life in our state,” the organization said. “We also express our gratitude to Governor Bill Haslam for his support including the public ceremonial signing on May 29 of both the admitting privileges and unborn victims bills.”

Tennessee Right to Life recently issued endorsements for pro-life candidates across the state for the upcoming primary elections. The last day to register to vote in the August 2012 Primary Election is July 3, 2012.

“The strengthening of our pro-life majorities in the Tennessee Legislature and U.S. Congress are critical if we are to continue restoring protection for vulnerable Tennesseans, especially the unborn, elderly and medically infirm,” TRTL said.

The group urges pro-life voters to put the pro-life issue at the top of their voting considerations.



“Our nation has a long history of voters who go to the polls to vote for a candidate or against another candidate based on a single issue. From the abolition of slavery to civil rights for African-Americans and women, people have voted their principles and have made a difference for the better. This kind of voting is not new and is not something unique to only a few voters. In fact, single issue voting is critical, especially for the unborn,” the group said. “A political candidate’s position on Roe vs. Wade, the U.S. Supreme Court Decision which legalized abortion, is not about the availability of a medical procedure. It is about our government, through the courts and legislative bodies, giving one individual the legal right to kill another innocent human being.”

“We can change the political landscape by showing both major political parties that we will not accept candidates from either party who support abortion. We must send the strong signal that political candidates who support the killing of unborn children do not have the ability to adequately represent us at any level of government,” TRTL continued. “All human life has value and to make this a reality in the United States, we need to vote for candidates who are prolife. We need to be proud of our single issue voting. We need to share with others our selfless, focused approach to this critical issue of life.”