NYC Abortion Clinic Charged With Illegal Dumping

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Jul 3, 2012   |   3:57PM   |   Bronx, NY

An abortion clinic where a woman was recently sent to the hospital after the legal abortion procedure went awry has now been charged in connection with illegal dumping.

In January, 2012, complaints were filed by Operation Rescue against Dr. Emily’s, an abortion clinic in the Bronx, New York and its abortion practitioner, Brian E. Park, for numerous violations including the illegal dumping of infectious waste and private patient information after pro-life activists discovered trash piled on the public sidewalk and spilling out of an unsecured dumpster. The trash was in black unmarked plastic bags. When the activists opened the bags, they were shocked by the contents.

Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue and Pro-Life Nation, said investigators found bloody human tissue remains from abortions and other bloody refuse, documents and other materials that contained patient names and other identifying information along with information about medical procedures done on the patients as well as drug-related paraphernalia including drug vials, syringes, and used needles.

“Unfortunately, someone tipped off the clinic that someone had been in their trash. Dr. Emily’s moved the trash so when the Sanitation Department went out there, they did not discover the same conditions. Since then, the case against abortionist Brian Park has been closed and the illegal dumping case has been swept under the rug. Bloody evidence in possession of pro-life activists that was supposed to be picked up by the Sanitation Department was never collected. It is appalling that this public health threat was not taken more seriously,” said Newman.

Despite that, Dr. Emily’s abortion clinic has been formally charged based on complaints filed by Operation Rescue in January related to the illegal dumping of private medical information and aborted baby remains and other infectious waste on a city sidewalk outside the abortion clinic.

The court case was heard on June 19, one week after Operation Rescue released information about a botched abortion at Dr. Emily’s that landed a patient in the hospital on June 12. The case was taken under advisement. A ruling is expected within the next 2-3 weeks.

Newman said the exact charges were not specified in an e-mail his group received from Josh Frank of New York’s Department of Sanitation Environmental Police Unit. Efforts to obtain more information from Mr. Frank have been unsuccessful.

Newman also said Dr. Emily’s abortion clinic lost its accreditation with the Joint Commission for Office Based Surgery, a national organization that boasts on its web site that its accredited organizations reflect quality and meet certain performance standards.

“Dr. Emily’s abortion clinic is a repeat offender that has demonstrated a disregard for the law and public safety,” Newman said. Bloody remains from aborted babies, used needles, and other dangerous material were dumped on a public sidewalk in a predominately residential neighborhood. People that care about public safety do not engage in that kind of appalling behavior.”



He concluded: “Add to that the botched abortion incident on June 12, and we have a dangerous abortion clinic that must be heavily fined and closed. We anxiously await the court’s decision and pray it is one that will permanently protect the public from Dr. Emily’s shoddy abortion practices.”