My Feeling on Obama and Election 2012: Get Out!

Opinion   |   Ryan Bomberger   |   Jul 3, 2012   |   1:42PM   |   Washington, DC

Each of us, throughout our lives, has felt pushed over the edge. No matter which area in life, someone, somehow, someway just nudged you a little too far.

My moment was on June 28th, 2012. The Supreme Court of the United States, upholding its history of outrageous attacks on our Constitutional liberties, upheld Obamacare as constitutional. Let’s remember these justices are not omniscient nor infallible, lest we forget Dred Scott (blacks are not people), Plessy v. Ferguson (allowing “Separate But Equal”), Civil Rights Act of 1875 (provisions that didn’t take effect until the very similar Civil Rights Act of 1964), Minor v. Happersett (barring women from voting), and the most destructive decision in Supreme Court history – Roe v. Wade.

Last Thursday reinforced how Supremely wrong and harmful an unconstitutional decision can be.

So, I’m fed up with the federal government, and in particular, the co-author, promoter, and legacy-holder of such an “Obama”-nable piece (2000+ pages) of legislation.



Speaking from a deeply personal perspective, I want Barack Obama out. This Independence Day, I can’t help but think of how fleeting freedom can be. If it’s not passionately and continually protected, it will disintegrate. We’ve allowed too much to crumble. The foundations of our democracy are showing some severe cracks.

As one who is as black as Obama, I’ve seen too much racial division, class division, and ideological extremism to last a lifetime. The most pro-abortion President, whose own complexion once would have deemed him less than a person not so long ago, has a bizarre way of using that same warped logic in his zeal to promote the slaughter of millions of unborn persons.

So, enjoy this video entitled “GET OUT”. Better yet, share it like crazy! This is only a snippet of the full version that will be released on Monday, July 9th on

Celebrate the 4th! Cherish freedom like the irreplaceable gift that it is. And the next time someone tells you about Hope and Change, sing this little ditty and tell ‘em to GET OUT.