NARAL: Fortnight for Freedom Event Like Making Women Wear Corsets

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Jun 22, 2012   |   2:06PM   |   Washington, DC

The nation’s Catholic bishops are spearheading an effort, with the support of pro-life advocates and leaders of other faiths, to stand up for conscience rights and religious freedoms. But NARAL suggests the event is another battle in the so-called War on Women.

The pro-abortion attack is no surprise, as abortion backers seek to play down the massive opposition from the public against the Obama HHS mandate and how it forces religious groups to pay for abortion-causing drugs, but NARAL president Nancy Keenan’s over-the-top response to the event is pretty sophomoric and juvenile, even for her.

Here’s Keenan’s bizarre sexist rant on the pro-life event:

The men featured at the all-male panel attacking birth control are back. Starting Thursday for two weeks, the anti-choice United States Conference on [sic] Catholic Bishops (USCCB) is organizing nationwide rallies as part of its “Fortnight for Freedom.”

An event with a name like that makes me think of a time when women wore corsets, couldn’t vote, and didn’t get much say over their lives. That’s not the kind of future I had in mind when I graduated college and got into politics. And I have never met a woman who wants someone else telling her what kind of future she can have.

There’s no question what the bishops hope to achieve with these rallies: pressure Congress to back down on requiring insurance companies to cover contraception without a copay.

If you or someone you care about uses birth control, then the bishops and their political allies are targeting you. They don’t want to make birth control more affordable and they want your boss to have the right to deny you insurance coverage for birth control. Why? Because they want to return to a time before birth control was widely accepted and used. These bishops and their political allies are out of touch with our values and priorities. Don’t let them get the final say over your access to birth control.

Thanks so much for speaking out. If opponents of birth control win, they’ll take women in the wrong direction – backward, not forward.

Taking women in the wrong direction? This is the same NARAL that opposed the sex-selection abortion ban in Congress that stops the use of abortion to specifically kill girl babies before birth because they are not valued as much as male babies. This is not the first time Keenan has engaged in such sexist hypocrisy and it certainly won’t be her last.