Pro-Abortion Lawmaker Performs Pornographic Play at State Capitol

State   |   Ryan Bomberger   |   Jun 19, 2012   |   12:43PM   |   Washington, DC

When pro-abortion politicians fail to protect women, by supporting the most destructive medical act and human rights violation of present day, they have to rely upon the art of distraction. And they’re goooooooooood at it.

Invoking the highly trending “War on Women” buzz phrase, Michigan Rep. Lisa Brown (D), Planned Parenthood, the ACLU, and the Michigan Democrat Party have all galvanized behind their trumped-up freedom of speech crusade. Lisa Brown has been the center of mainstream media attention, claiming gender and religious discrimination for her vulgar remark about recent prolife legislation passed by her state’s House of Representatives. And the vulgar part wasn’t her reference to her vagina but the disgraceful intimation of rape.

Using a medical term doesn’t immediately qualify a remark as appropriate. Rep. Brown, invoking her Jewish faith in a hypocritical defense of abortion (she also supports the HHS Abortion-Inducing Drug Mandate), made the intentional accusation in a brilliant PR stunt, saying: “Mr. Speaker, I’m flattered that you’re so interested in my vagina. But no means no.”

It was the clear invocation of rape that violated House decorum, according to Republican House leadership. It wasn’t the misuse of a “medically correct term”. With a vote of 70-39, the Michigan House overwhelmingly passed a number of prolife bills designed to protect women and children. This landslide vote included all 64 Republicans (of which 11 are women) and 6 prolife Democrats (of which 1 was a female Democrat, Rep. Lesia Liss)

The Michigan Republican Caucus is comprised of eleven women, three of which serve in House Leadership. The Michigan Democrat Caucus is comprised of sixteen women, one of which serves as one of two people in Democrat House leadership. The Michigan Senate includes 4 female Senators; 2 are Democrats, and 2 are Republican. We can dispel the deliberate attack of liberal media that this is a gender war, pitting men against women. Prolife women, according to liberal feminists, don’t qualify as women—an indisputable sign of intra-gender hatred.

Brown, in typical pro-abortion fashion, ignored the reality that citizens of Michigan overwhelmingly voted in Republicans in 2010, and pathetically injected gender animus in a vote that clearly reflected the will of Michigan women and men.

Judaism, contrary to Brown’s version of it, considers abortion to be evil, except in the tragic instance to save a mother’s life, or in some cases, rape and incest. We know from decades of rampant destruction of unborn life, that these situations happen in less than 2% of all abortions nationwide.  (I’m one of born of that 2%.) If we took the approach of Ireland, where abortion is banned and maternal mortality is the lowest in the world, we’d be doing more to ensure that both mother and child are provided the best possible medical care. Instead, liberals like Brown find more ways to kill the unborn and harm women (and men) by cloaking the slaughter in the denial-ridden robes of “women’s healthcare” and the buzz worthy “War on Women”.

In a further display of her representation of the fringe, Rep. Brown, along with Planned Parenthood and the ACLU, staged a public performance of the pornographic, misandrist, anti-heterosexual “Vagina Monologues” on the steps of the state capitol. She was joined by colleagues, actors and the play’s author. Eve Ensler. This is the same play that celebrates the statutory rape of a drunk 16 year old girl by an older lesbian woman, in a segment called “The Little Coochie Snorcher That Could”.  The character recalls her rapist fondly as her “politically incorrect salvation”. One needs only to watch a few moments of this disturbingly lewd play to see how grossly out of touch Brown is with the majority of American women.

Putting things into context and offering clarity is anathema to so many liberals. Obfuscation, distortion, and sheer manipulation are their weapons of mass distraction. From a historical perspective, Republicans were first to place women in leadership roles.



The first female chairperson of Michigan’s Republican party was Elly M. Peterson from 1965-1969. Democrats didn’t have a woman leading the state Democrat party until 1979, 14 years later. Olivia Maynard was the first and last woman to serve as the state Democrat party chairperson. Women have served as chairpersons of the Michigan Republican State Committee four times. It was a Democrat-controlled Congress that failed to pass the 19th Amendment, granting women the right to vote. It took a newly elected Republican-controlled Congress to pass the 19th Amendment, which was, incidentally, first introduced by Republican Senator Aaron Sargent in 1878. So who’s been warring against women, historically? But you won’t hear Democrats invoking their “War on Women” invective on themselves.

If Rep. Brown and her pro-abortion Democrat cohorts are so interested in medical accuracy with body parts, I’m sure Republicans would welcome a presentation from her on the House floor revealing a medically accurate depiction of abortion and what it does to a baby’s body parts.