Senator Criticizes Planned Parenthood School-Based Clinic

State   |   Andrew Bair   |   Jun 14, 2012   |   12:54PM   |   Los Angeles, CA

Republican Senator Jim DeMint of South Carolina criticized the recently announced Planned Parenthood partnership with the Los Angeles Unified School District, calling it “absurd.”

Planned Parenthood set up shop within Los Angeles’ Roosevelt High School under the pretense of promoting birth control and sex education. DeMint labeled the new center “a referral service to more abortion” during an interview on the Laura Ingraham radio show.

While it does not appear the new Planned Parenthood center will perform abortions within the high school, DeMint said it “encourages a type of behavior that hurts our children and hurts their chances, long-term, in their lives. It’s a referral service to more abortion — which, we know the psychological damage that does to women. There’s no question about that. Our government is moving things in the wrong direction, and we have to fight back.”

California remains one of the few states nationwide where there is no statute requiring parental involvement for a minor seeking an abortion. Planned Parenthood facilities in California aid minor girls in obtaining secret abortions without their parents’ knowledge.

Sherry Medrano, who runs the Roosevelt center, believes parents should be left in the dark. For Medrano, it is better that students seek her help rather than that of their parents. She told the Los Angeles Times that the students “feel much safer and much more comfortable coming to a school-based health clinic.”

Planned Parenthood’s Los Angeles Executive Director Sue Dunlap claims area parents have no problem with Planned Parenthood in schools. “We don’t really experience the traditional narrative of angry parents not wanting access to reproductive care in the schools,” explained Dunlap. “It’s really the opposite.”



Contrary to Dunlap’s claims, California parents have fought to pass parental involvement laws in their state. The issue was put on the 2008 ballot where it was defeated 52%-48%, an incredibly close margin considering Planned Parenthood outspent pro-life groups 15 to 1. In the very same election, pro-abortion President Obama carried California by double digits.

Earlier this year, pro-life activist Timmerie Millington wrote an article for LifeNews, noting: “In California a minor cannot be given an aspirin by a school nurse, use a tanning bed in a salon, or have a cavity filled without a parent knowing. However, a young lady under the age of 18 can obtain a surgical or chemical abortion without her parent(s) ever being informed. Whether you are pro-life or pro-abortion I believe we can agree that a parent being left ignorant of their child obtaining an abortion is life threatening to young ladies under the age of 18.”