Pro-Abortion Activist Sandra Fluke Endorses Obama

National   |   Andrew Bair   |   Jun 14, 2012   |   3:25PM   |   Washington, DC

Pro-abortion activist Sandra Fluke has unveiled her personal endorsement of President Obama in an editorial published by CNN. Her support for Obama stems primarily from his pro-abortion healthcare law and the HHS mandate.

Fluke attacks Mitt Romney’s pro-life position in the editorial and says Romney “lacks the leadership to stand up to extremists in his own party.”

Contrary to Fluke’s characterization, it’s President Obama and the pro-abortion movement that hold the extreme position on healthcare.

At no point before or after its passage did a majority of the American people support the Obama healthcare law. The latest poll by the New York Times and CBS News shows more than two-thirds of Americans hope the Supreme Court will overturn some or all of the healthcare law. Only 24 percent of respondents said they hoped the court “would keep the entire healthcare law in place.” More than 70 percent of independents supported striking down the law in part or in its entirety.

Fluke insists in her editorial, “Obama has moved our country forward by working not only to ensure Americans’ prosperity, but also by guaranteeing that our rights are protected and we all have opportunities to succeed. By comparison, Romney has offered only frightening promises to send us backward.”

Some of the “frightening promises to send us backward” include Romney’s commitments to repealing the unpopular Obama healthcare law, banning taxpayer funding of abortion and ensuring conscience rights are protected. On these issues, Fluke is clearly out of touch with American public opinion.

Last month, Gallup released a poll showing Americans identifying as “pro-choice” at a record low and those identifying as “pro-life” near an all-time high.  Consistent polling has also shown that the majority of Americans oppose taxpayer funding of abortion. In addition, a recent Marist poll shows a majority of Americans oppose the Obama HHS mandate, which compels religious institutions to violate their consciences by forcing them to cover morally objectionable drugs or procedures in their insurance plans.

Fluke attacks Romney saying, “At a time when women’s rights especially are under virulent attack, we cannot elect a leader who won’t or can’t stand up to those extremists and protect the rights that generations of women have fought so hard to ensure.” Yet, it is President Obama who opposed the Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act, which would have banned abortions when done purely on the basis of the child’s gender. On the House floor, Congresswoman Ann Marie Buerkle (R-NY) described the practice of sex selection abortion as “the ultimate war on women.”



A recent CBS-New York Times poll indicates Romney is currently leading among women voters, contrary to the narrative of Fluke and the pro-abortion movement.  The numbers come after months of President Obama and his allies mounting a media campaign characterizing Republicans as “waging war on women.”

Perhaps the most disheartening statement in Fluke’s editorial is her assertion that “We have a president who has consistently shown he will defend (women’s) rights while working to ensure that all women and men have all the protections and opportunities they need to pursue economic success.” In fact, not all women and men have the protections they need. Unborn girls and unborn boys lack legal protection. President Obama supports abortion for any reason through all nine months of pregnancy. He also supports using taxpayer money to infringe on the rights of these citizens to life. Expanding abortion is not the path to progress.