Obama’s Racially Divisive Ad Mirrors Abortion Industry Targeting

Opinion   |   Ryan Bomberger   |   Jun 14, 2012   |   11:03AM   |   Washington, DC

Who needs originality when you can settle for used? The same Obama campaign machine that repurposed Bob the Builder’s “YES WE CAN” chant to a presidential campaign slogan, ha done it again with the latest “We’ve Got Your Back” radio ad. Never mind that three years ago a liberal Jewish peace organization, Brit Tzedek V’Shalom, merged with the leftist Soros-funded J Street PAC, and declared, “We’ve Got Your Back” as their effort to support the President’s foreign policy.

But Brit Tzedek V’Shalom’s version just didn’t have that sizzle.

This week, urban radio stations across the country have been served a plate of hot campaign cheese, riddled with old-school R&B canned music, and a jingle with the flavor of a Saturday Night Live skit.

The Obama campaign, which has aggressively targeted the black community with racially exclusive marketing, oddly pats itself on the back, on behalf of all black Americans. The ad is not from a PAC, but from the Obama campaign itself. I’m trying to imagine Mitt Romney launching any ad with the moniker, White Americans for Mitt. I’m sure that would go over really well with mainstream media.

Double-standards are crucial in order for the party obsessed with race, the party that has omitted its own deeply racist, pro-slavery, pro-Jim Crow, pro-KKK, anti-civil rights timeline (prior to 1964) from its website, and the party flaunting the re-election of a country’s leader based solely on the hue of his skin, to continue its nearly two centuries long tradition of racial division. We can’t expect the mainstream media to help dismantle the false narrative that Democrats have spewed for decades, and even stranger, we can’t expect the GOP to get a spine and stand up for a history they have every reason to be proud of. From 2006 through 2010, www.Democrats.org had the audacity to claim:

Democrats are unwavering in our support of equal opportunity for all Americans. That’s why we’ve worked to pass every one of our nation’s Civil Rights laws and every law that protects workers. Most recently, Democrats stood together to reauthorize the Voting Rights Act.

On every civil rights issue, Democrats have led the fight. We support vigorous enforcement of existing laws, and remain committed to protecting fundamental civil rights in America.

Easily searchable congressional voting records show the Democratic Party fought AGAINST every piece of civil rights legislation including the Civil Rights Act of 1957.  The same political party that relentlessly denied humanity to black people is, today, the same party that fanatically defends the ultimate denial of humanity—abortion. The bizarre irony is that Democrats demonize the Republicans who have consistently shown, throughout American history, that they were the only ones that had black Americans’ backs.

The ad campaign’s website—www.GottaVote.org—masquerades as a voter preparedness resource but is merely a dishonest and insidious attack on the GOP. Visitors to the site are immediately invited to view the exploited story of Dorothy Cooper, an elderly woman in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  She is treated as a victim of new GOP voter ID laws that are simply intended to reduce rampant voter fraud. The clip includes the hyperbolic “journalism” of Rachel Maddow of “forward leaning” MSNBC. Perhaps these Democrat operatives have leaned forward so much, they’ve refused to look backward at the historical truth. It was the GOP, who since its inception in 1854, has fought against Democrat-passed Jim Crow laws of segregation, voter disenfranchisement via poll taxes and literacy tests, racial terrorism (via Democrat Ku Klux Klan), “separate-but-equal” schools, anti-miscegenation laws, housing discrimination, and all others forms of discrimination, including the denial of women’s right to vote.

The Democratic Party not only wages a War on the Unborn, a War on Women and a War on Marriage but have firmly entrenched themselves in the centuries-long War of Racial Division.



Obama’s latest race-based campaign speaks of blacks as a monolithic group having the President’s back. Does he, or his party, have theirs? Aside from the given that any President of the United States should have ALL of our backs, let’s take a look at this mythological presidency and what it’s done for those who are told, without reservation, that their loyalty must first be to color.

If nothing else, this President has fought harder than any other to ensure that more blacks are deprived of their first inalienable right—the right to life. Higher unemployment, higher dependency on Food Stamps, less educational opportunities due to Democrat opposition to school vouchers, less meaningful dialogue about race (have a beer and let’s fugetaboutit), and continued exponentially higher rates of abortion, STDs, “unintended pregnancies”, single-parent homes and poverty in the black community.

Instead, this revered “messiah” has done more for the gay community and the abortion industry than any other segments of American society. Few seem to be concerned about any facts, any evidence, or any truth. As long as the slogan sounds good or the jingle has a hook, everyone can just go back to the fields and hum along.