Culture of Death Gets Rid of the Person, Not the Problem

Opinion   |   Rebecca Taylor   |   Jun 7, 2012   |   11:58AM   |   Washington, DC

I have realized what separates the progressive way of solving humanity’s problems and the right way. Poverty, disease, pain, disability, unintended pregnancy: all issues we have to deal with in this life. The right way acknowledges that man’s problems are just that: of man. Humans are the owner and the problems belong to us. They are ours to solve. The right way to deal with these issues sees that every human life is valuable and that to address our problems we start there: intrinsic value of human life.

The progressive way is to equate the problem with the person, then get rid of the person and call it good.

Crisis pregnancy? Don’t support adoption to a loving family, instead kill the fetus.

Genetic disease? Don’t find a cure, instead find a way to detect the problem earlier, and then kill the fetus or throw away the embryo. (And call that a cure.)

Disability? Don’t affirm and support the disabled, instead deny them treatment or food and fluids so they die. (Because no one would want to live that way after all.)

Pain and discomfort with terminal disease? Don’t find a better way to treat the pain, depression or discomfort, instead kill the patient with a lethal dose of drugs.

Widespread poverty? Don’t stabilize governments and institute policies for economic success, instead push “population control” complete with forced contraception, forced sterilization and forced abortion.

A great piece on eugenics in The Guardian from February, reminded me of this progressive way of dealing with humanity’s problems. When discussing the eugenic assertion that poverty was an inherited trait, Jonathan Freedland aptly points out the progressive mindset:

“It was not poverty that had to be reduced or even eliminated: it was the poor.”
The progressive has never abandoned this approach. They continue to advocate getting rid of the people with the problem instead of tackling the problem.The progressive way is not only evil, it never works. Why? Because untimely death is not a solution. Death instead steals away any possibility of a solution. The problem remains to plague another.

The right way recognizes this. The right way acknowledges that the way to solve our issues is to start from the foundation that all human life is valuable. Degrading and discarding life does nothing to remedy the underlying problem. Unless ALL human beings have moral worth and deserve dignity and respect, what would be the point of trying to solve our problems anyway?