3,700 Die From Abortion Daily, Save as Many as You Can

Opinion   |   Kristan Hawkins   |   Jun 4, 2012   |   10:01AM   |   Washington, DC

In recent weeks, I have been so happy to share with you the joyous news of the six babies that were saved from abortion thanks to the work of our student groups. Every time I hear one of those stories it energizes and inspires me.

But for every joyous story, there is also a tragic one.

Like the one I heard the other day from a student leader, Julia, in Arkansas. Early last week, Julia emailed our team asking us to send out a prayer request for a young mother she knew who was considering abortion. So we posted the alert to our social media sites and prayed. But late last week, I got another email from Julia who said that despite her best efforts and our prayers, the young woman had gone through with aborting her 24-week son.

That email stopped me cold in my tracks.

And I began to mourn the loss of that little boy, a baby I didn’t even know – because he was alive and created in His image.

As I was reflecting on the death of little baby boy, I began to think of the 3,699 other babies that died the very same day he did, and how incapable I am of grieving for each one of those babies when the killing of 3,700 more babies happens every day. And I began to think how must our Creator feel when it is only He who knows the names of each of these 3,700 babies who die each day.

At this point I am sure you are wondering why I am sharing this with you. Most of the time in my communications to you, I try to make sure you share in my hope for the future of our nation and know of the successes that SFLA is having across the nation. But because of the nature of our work, sometimes that isn’t always possible.

I am sharing my grief with you today because I think it illustrates the need for Students for Life in a poignant way.

This little boy, who I will never meet here on earth, is why we exist. We exist to help scared young women know that they have another place to turn, no matter what their boyfriends or family may say – that there are alternatives to abortion and those who will help them make it through.

Now, you are probably saying “But Kristan, it didn’t work this time…,” and I know you are right, but the sad truth is that we don’t live in a perfect world and we aren’t going to be able to win every time.



As mad and helpless as it makes me, I know it’s the truth.

But, we tried – we were there to offer as much help and guidance as possible. And for every one battle for life we lose, there are six lives (those stories that I shared with you in April) that we win.

But it’s the battles for life that we can’t fight because we don’t have a student group on a particular campus that upsets me the most of all. Missed opportunities.

That’s why it’s our mission here at Students for Life to have a pro-life student group on every college campus in America:  So that we can reach, help, and educate as many women as possible so that no more children die from abortion.