Obama Admin Holds Election Event for Black Faith Leaders Only

National   |   Ryan Bomberger   |   May 31, 2012   |   5:07PM   |   Washington, DC

The (figurative) gloves need to come off. I can’t take it any more.

Leave it to mainstream media to ignore the obvious racial implications of the Obama administration’s black-only event held in conjunction with the Congressional Black Caucus. Yesterday in DC, the CBC hosted keynote speaker, Attorney General Eric Holder, IRS personnel and ACLU lawyers in what was billed as the “Faith Leaders Summit”. It was a day-long “voters rights” conference of “allies” (that was Holder’s word) to incite and charge the Conference of National Black Churches with doing everything they could to ensure the Democratic Party would get the devotion (and votes) of their 30 million congregants (at least those who are eligible to vote).

Could you imagine former President George W. Bush and Attorney General John Ashcroft holding an event solely with white pastors, invoking religion, and demonizing the other political party? Mainstream media would make the overly hyped Church and State “separation” outrage front-page news. Pundits (at least liberal ones) would be seething at the audacity of such a blatant campaign over-reach and misuse of taxpayers’ money.

But it’s 2012. Our mainstream media, as well as some of the GOP establishment, aren’t interested in confronting this divisive racism. For different reasons, both are unwilling to challenge the emotional rhetoric that daily revises America’s civil rights history. A tragic example of an epic GOP leadership fail is on display today with the Democrat-defeated PRENDA bill. The original legislation, as authored by prolife stalwart Rep. Trent Franks, was gutted behind closed doors to remove race-based abortions from the bill. The CBC even managed to cause the GOP to cower and remove Frederick Douglass’ name from the PRENDA bill (originally the Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglass PreNatal Non-Discrimination Act of 2011) with bizarre public accusations of racism.

In America, black people don’t own other black people or their names. Isn’t that slavery? Frederick Douglass, famed abolitionist, champion of human rights for all and renown Republican would condemn the CBC for its cowardice and its willingness to slaughter our future for the convenience of political power.

The history of liberation of black people in this country is one that Republicans can proudly declare was marked with their tireless efforts to abolish slavery, grant voting rights, quash the KKK (a terrorist group created by Democrats to terrorize blacks and Republicans), and provide economic and educational opportunities by introducing every civil rights bill after the Emancipation Proclamation through the Civil Rights Act of 1957, signed by Republican President Eisenhower. This civil rights bill was necessary to reinforce the (Republican) 15th Amendment’s voting rights that faced relentless opposition from Democrat-passed Jim Crow laws.

Holder didn’t mention any of this. Liberal Democrats, especially the CBC, rely upon the collective lack of historical knowledge of every day Americans to push their pro-abortion, anti-conservative, anti-school choice, anti-traditional marriage, and pro-racial division invective to the masses.

What I found most striking in Holder’s comments was a religion-infused declaration that would normally elicit condemnation from the conference’s invited ACLU guest speakers: “Of all the freedoms that we enjoy today, none is more important, or more sacred than the right to vote.”

Sorry Mr. Holder, the right to vote is completely contingent upon one’s right to life. Not everyone can vote, as enshrined by the Constitution’s age requirement. But, the right to life is for all, and according to the framers of our Constitution (the document the Attorney General is sworn to uphold and defend) is sacred. One can never vote unless one can make it out of the womb…alive. The National Black Prolife Coalition and the Frederick Douglass Foundation understand this simple truth, but the CBC fears being publicly challenged by black conservatives.

Holder’s “no evidence of voter fraud” assertions are blatantly untrue considering the highly publicized (not by mainstream media, of course) embarrassing exposé of someone, without ID, being given access to vote using Holder’s own name. This incident of voter fraud and many more were reported by James O’Keefe in his Project Veritas. Obama’s Justice Department did manage to ignore blatant voter intimidation by the New Black Panther Party…but, wait, white people were being intimidated on video. That doesn’t count.

In the conference, Holder continued to lavish praise upon the Congressional Black Caucus, calling it the “conscience of the Congress”. Lord help us. Who needs a conscience steeped in corruption (the CBC’s scholarship scandal), race-baiting (Tea Party would “like to see blacks hanging on a tree”) and political flip-flopping (pro-abortion CBC Chairman Emmanuel Cleaver was once a prolife advocate who served as a steering committee member of Missouri Citizens for Life before he ran as a Democrat for Congress)?

The Obama administration’s appointed Attorney General railed against Voter ID laws with irony that apparently escaped those gathered: “Together your organizations are not only providing a voice for the most vulnerable among us…you are working to protect the progress that has marked our nation’s past and strengthened its future.”

The most vulnerable among us are not those, allegedly, without IDs, but those killed in the womb who will never get an ID.