Briton Sues NHS for Firing Her Over Her Pro-Life Views

International   |   Steven Ertelt   |   May 28, 2012   |   6:42PM   |   London, England

The British National Health Service is facing a lawsuit from a Christian employee who says she was fired for giving a colleague information on the ways in which abortion adversely affects their physical and mental health.

The NHS agency heavily funds abortions and a recent report showed the British government spends one million pounds every week in taxpayer funding for abortions for women who have having at least their second or more abortion.

That Margaret Forrester would supply information to a co-worker about how abortion hurts women could help someone realize how abortion is not a problem-solver for women. Forrester was dismissed for “gross professional misconduct”  and told the booklet was “offensive.”

Now, according to the London Telegraph newspaper, she has filed a lawsuit against the government at the High Court.

She accuses the Central and North West London NHS Trust of breaching her freedom of religion and freedom of speech in its treatment of her.

Mrs Forrester, a Roman Catholic, was disciplined after an informal conversation with a colleague in which she discussed her views on abortion while working as a “psychological wellbeing practitioner”.

She was worried that women seeking medical advice were routinely offered abortions without fully considering other options, and passed the colleague a booklet. A week later she was summoned for a meeting in which she was “interrogated” over her views before being suspended, papers lodged at the High Court say. She was moved to other duties in what her lawyers say was a “punishment posting” and later went off work with stress.

When she was questioned during disciplinary proceedings she said she did not regret giving her colleague the leaflet and was accused of insubordination, according to her legal challenge.

A representative of the Thomas More Legal Centre, the religious freedom charity representing her, talked with the newspaper.

“If Abortion is as problem-free as the NHS claims then there should be no objection to the subject being discussed amongst Health Service professionals. “If the NHS is not willing to allow the effects of Abortion to be discussed by NHS staff it raises a real question as to what the NHS is afraid of.”