Top Ten Things Pro-Life Youth Can Do This Summer

Opinion   |   Bryan Kemper   |   May 25, 2012   |   6:15PM   |   Washington, DC

This summer is the 40th summer of legalized child killing in America under Roe vs. Wade. This marks one full generation of children who have faced a summer in which it was legal for their parents to have them killed during the first nine months of their life.

Don’t let this historical summer go by without taking action and being a voice for those who cannot speak up for themselves! Don’t sit idly by without being a part of the generation who ultimately abolishes abortion. This is the summer for action. This is the summer for passion. This is the summer we as a generation turn the corner and serve notice to the abortion industry that this holocaust WILL BE STOPPED.

#1 Pro-life Internship or Training – There are several pro-life internships available for young people to get involved with this summer.

Stand True is hosting the White Rose Pro-life Summer –

Survivors Pro-life Training Camp –

You can see a list of more internships at

#2 Start a youth prayer group at your local abortion clinic – If you and your friends can organize trips to the lake, the beach, the mall or other places, why not organize a trip to pray at the abortion clinic? Prayer is one of the most powerful tools we have and praying outside the very place where babies are being killed is one of the best ways to be a voice for life. For advice on starting a prayer group at an abortion clinicemail [email protected]

#3 Wear pro-life t-shirts wherever you go this summer – Why not be a walking billboard for LIFE this summer? Whether you are on vacation or just hanging out at the mall, you can be a voice for the babies. You can order cool pro-life shirts at or just make your own.

#4 Hold a car wash or yard sale to support your favorite pro-life organization – Car washes and yard sales are great ways to raise some money and support your local pregnancy resource center, pro-life organization or home for unwed mothers. You can make a donation to Stand True at

#5 Volunteer at your local pregnancy help center – Call your local pregnancy center and ask if they have things that need to be done around the building. Many of them may need painting, yard work even just people to help answer phones or help clean up.

#6 Host a diaper drive in your community – Contact your local churches and ask if they can collect diapers for a few weeks this summer and then collect them all to be donated to your local pregnancy help center.

#7 Literature distribution / public witnessing – Pick a public event in your community and organize your friends to pass out pro-life literature at these events. Baseball games, concerts, fairs; these are all great places to be a witness. We can help get you free pro-life literature for your event. Simply email [email protected].

#8 Hold a pro-life youth rally or event at your church – Ask your pastor or youth minister to host a citywide pro-life rally at your church and invite youth groups from all over to come. Invite someone from your local pro-life organization and pregnancy resource center to give presentations and set up educational booths.

#9 Hold a “Spare Change” drive this summer – Get your friends to start collecting their change throughout the summer in piggy banks or jarsto donate to your favorite pro-life organization or pregnancy help center. You can get your parents or relatives to put a change bank at their office or in your church foyer to collect change.

#10 Start a youth pro-life club at your church or in your community – Host weekly meetings where you watch different pro-life videos and read pro-life literature. One of the best ways for you and your friends to be effective is to be educated. We can help you with educational resources for your club. Spend time at each meeting praying for the babies, the mothers and fathers and the abortion industry. Again, prayer is our most powerful tool.



Bonus Item #11 – Get everyone you know who is 18 or will be 18 by election day to register to vote – Check out to find out how you can win cool prizes while you register people to vote.

These are just ten ideas and I know there are hundreds of things you can do to be actively pro-life this summer. The important thing is that we stay active and get the pro-life message out as best we can; not to use the summer as an excuse to be lazy.

Will you be a part of history, a part of the generation who said “No More” and abolished abortion? Note: Bryan Kemper is the youth director for Priests for Life. He is the author of Social Justice Begins In The Womb.