Facebook Removes Picture of Baby Born With Birth Defect

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   May 21, 2012   |   8:09PM   |   Washington, DC

Grayson James Walker was born on February 15 and died eight hours later due to a rare birth defect, anencephaly, which saw him born without parts of his brain and skull.

Heather Walker, Grayson’s mother, found out about the developmental disorder at 16 weeks into pregnancy but wanted to give birth to her baby and give him every chance at life possible. She posted pictures of Grayson without a hat on Facebook, which started a controversy and saw someone report the pictures as graphic to Facebook.

The social media web site took the pictures down (and has since apologized), but Walker was distressed to know that, even though Facebook allows pictures with semi-nudity or profanity, that a picture of her own baby was deemed to graphic to be allowed to stay up on her profile page.

“They allow people to post almost nude pictures of themselves, profanity, and so many other things but I’m not allowed to share a picture of God’s beautiful creation,” Walker argued. “Not long after, Facebook deleted them because of the content,” she told WMC-TV about the removal.

To protest Facebook’s actions, Walker and her friends re-posted the photos — earning Walker a 24-hour ban from the site, according to the Blaze.

“My husband and I, we started prayer and we knew that God knew since the beginning of time that he had us for this,” she told WMC in February.



“If you’re my friend and you want to see the picture then look at it, but if you don’t, just like any TV show or anything else you watch, if you don‘t want to see it you don’t have to,” she told the station.  “But I want to share this with people just like any other person wants to share their baby or their child.”