Democrats Pained by Proposal to Ban Late-Term Abortions in DC

Opinion   |   Ryan Bomberger   |   May 18, 2012   |   10:52AM   |   Washington, DC

Once again, Democrats on Capitol Hill manage to redirect attention from their advocacy of killing the unborn to feigned outrage over a procedural non-issue.

DC’s Eleanor Holmes Norton, former speaker Nancy Pelosi, and the abortion cabal (NARAL, NAF, and Planned Parenthood) are claiming, predictably, that they are being bullied into silence by House Judiciary Committee Republicans. Democrats had the opportunity to allow Del. Norton to speak but chose another person to provide a testimony to oppose Rep. Trent Franks’ DC-Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act.

It’s not an issue of fairness or any conjured up “War on Women”. It’s about DC’s black Democrats demanding to have more black babies aborted, using taxpayer dollars through DC Medicaid. Over 85% of those enrolled in the District’s medical welfare program are black. Franks, a staunch proponent for children and families, has introduced this latest bill to reduce the number of needless deaths as a result of late-term abortions (20 weeks or later).

In a surreal display of abortion zealotry, black Democrats like Del. Norton and DC Mayor Vincent Gray decry the banning of taxpayer-funded abortions in their district. The nation’s capitol, under the purview of Congress by Constitutional mandate, has been suffering under destructive social policies, created and enforced by the DC City Council.  Any outrage in the district should be placed on the incompetence of those governing it.

And notice, that not a single mainstream article actually talks about abortion rates within the District of Columbia. According to Planned Parenthood-funded Guttmacher Institute have plummeted since 1992 where the rate was 134.6 per 1,000 women aged 15-44. In the latest reported year, it was 29.9 (amounting to 4,450 deaths of unborn children), a slight increase from 2007’s 28.2 rate. The ban on federal funding of abortion in DC, known as the Dornan Amendment, has been supported by both Republicans and Democrats.

Former President Clinton was the first to sign it into law. Although mainstream media likes to stoke the fire of their ludicrous Republican “War on Women” narrative, they refuse to shed light on a few years of history in order to inform the public. The Dornan Amendment was in place from 1996 through 2009, when Democrats basically shredded the amendment in an omnibus bill, according to the US Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB). It was later restored in 2011, which caused DC City Council members, including Mayor Vincent Gray to stage a public protest demanding “choice” to kill more black babies while simultaneously and bizarrely opposing school “choice” to educate the children who weren’t aborted.



Rep. Trent Franks and those who support efforts to abolish abortion are on the right side, figuratively and literally, of history. The same party that formed to abolish the evil institution of slavery is the only party in its written platform that is willing to take a stand against today’s billion-dollar industry of violent inhumanity. Black democrats like Del. Norton should know that the legal status of an act doesn’t make it right. How many times do black Americans need to be reminded that Supremely wrong decisions by our nation’s highest Court, have prevented certain groups of people from all they are entitled to by our Constitution—Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

If certain politicians have their way, the false Right of Dismemberment through abortion will continue to tear away at communities like DC, already ravaged by enough death.