Using Aborted Babies for Medicine, Is Cannibalism Next?

Opinion   |   Steve Aden   |   May 10, 2012   |   1:38PM   |   Washington, DC

There is an undeniable progression from bad to worse in the culture of death. Or, to paraphrase Dostoevsky, who was paraphrasing Jesus of Nazareth, “All things are possible to those who don’t believe.” Therefore, just when it seems we’ve seen man at his worst, a new example of his wickedness arises and reminds us that we haven’t seen anything yet.

Case in point—the news that certain citizens in China, no doubt numbed to the evil of abortion by their country’s one-child policy, have literally begun to place the corpses of aborted children in refrigerators in homes. From there, the bodies are “taken to clinics where they are placed in medical drying microwaves.”

In the microwaves, they are dried (cooked), and once their skin has become sufficiently dry it is ground into a powder which is used for quack “home remedies.”

And here’s the clincher: the powder—that is, the dried skin of an aborted human body—is poured into capsules which are then sold as energy supplements under the guise of “stamina boosters.”

The ploy was uncovered when couriers attempted to transport the pills through South Korea. In that country alone, 35 different smuggling attempts have been busted, with the South Korean Customs Service confiscating 17,000 pills.

While some might dismiss this as an aberration, it is not. In fact, it appears very similar to what has been standard policy in a country where hospitals and abortion clinics have “reportedly [passed] the remains…of stillborn or aborted [babies]…onto drug companies” for some time for use in products like skin creams. And the problem is not just confined to China.

The culture of death sears the conscience and darkens the mind. As St. Paul so aptly put it two thousand years ago, those who deny that persons are created in God’s image – and the accountability that entails – “invent ways of doing evil.” And over time, this corruption of the heart brings them to the point where they can refrigerate another human being until the truck pulls up to the curb to take the body to a “lab” where it is dried like a piece of beef jerky, ground into powder, and put into capsules for consumption by other humans.



We have long been killing our own. Now we are eating them, too. Note: Steve Aden is the Senior Legal Counsel for the Alliance Defense Fund. This article originally appeared in Town Hall and is reprinted with permission.