Canadian Pro-Lifers: Harper Cowardly For Closing Abortion Debate

International   |   Steven Ertelt   |   May 10, 2012   |   12:32PM   |   Ottawa, Canada

With more than 15,000 people expected in the nation’s capital city today for the Canadian March for Life, Canada’s major pro-life group has a message for Prime Minister Stephen Harper:  we want a debate on abortion.

As Campaign Life Coalition tells it, if Canadians are forced to pay for abortions with their taxpayer dollars the Canadian government shouldn’t be so closed-minded when it comes to debating common sense limits on abortion.

“Whether you like it or not, the abortion debate is on. The issue has been raised in Parliament by a private member’s motion, it’s been raised with recent studies exposing the practice of sex-selection abortion in Canada, it’s an issue that is constantly discussed in the media,” Alissa Golob, a spokeswoman for Campaign Life Coalition, said at a pre-March for Life press conference yesterday.

“It’s not a dictatorship. Harper’s word isn’t the only word and we have elected members of parliament that we vote in according to these pivotal issues. Abortion is the greatest Holocaust of our time,” said Golob. “The prime minister is scared. He’s being very cowardly in not reopening the abortion debate.”

While Harper says his government is not open to debating abortion, Golob says the size and growth of the March for Life, taking place today, shows Canadians are tired of being shut off from having their members of Parliament debate abortion.

Many of the March for Life participants will be focusing on the new motion Conservative MP Stephen Woodworth put forward that calls for a commission to study when human life begins and is expected to be debated in parliament in June. The motion was debated for an hour last month and the House of Commons will debate it following its Summer break.

Golob is also focusing on the recent concern that sex-selection abortions are taking place in Canada.

She said, “The only reason you would be for abortion is because you are saying that the pre-born are not human. And if they are not human, then it does not matter why anyone should kill them, whether they are female, whether they are going on vacation, or whether they don’t want to be fat for nine months, it doesn’t matter if they’re not human. But if the pre-born are human then these are issues that must be addressed.”

“Anyone born after 1988 is lucky to be alive; we are the survivors of a generation that kills more than 100,000 pre-born children every year. Young people are realizing that abortion kills a human being and hurts women,” Golob said.



An April study suggests that women of Indian origin living in Ontario are likely using prenatal screenings to determine the gender of their children and are aborting their female babies out of a preference for males.

“Our findings raise the possibility that couples originating from India may be more likely than Canadian-born couples to use prenatal sex determination and terminate a second or subsequent pregnancy if the fetus is female,” according to the study published on April 16 by the Canadian Medical Association Journal.

Researchers in the study said that on average there are 105 males born for every 100 females, but among Indian-born mothers having a second child, the ratio was 111 males to 100 females, and it jumped to 136 males to 100 females for the third child.