Alabama Sends Bill Dropping Abortion Funds in Obamacare to Gov

State   |   Andrew Bair   |   May 9, 2012   |   4:47PM   |   Montgomery, AL

Alabama is poised to join 16 other states in barring abortion funding in the state healthcare exchanges established under the Obama healthcare law.

Senate Bill 10, sponsored by Senator Greg Reed, has been approved by Alabama House and now heads to desk of pro-life Governor Robert Bentley (R). The measure takes advantage of a provision in the healthcare law allowing states to opt-out of the abortion funding.

Alabama Citizens for Life noted, “Alabama has a long history of only funding abortions in cases of reported rape, reported incest and physical medical necessity. Passage of SB10 will maintain that provision.”

“Many thanks go to all those citizens who have called and emailed their representatives and Senators,” said Cheryl Ciamarra, Legislative Director. “This year we have record of over 3500 emails in favor of this legislation and are proud of Sen. Greg Reed and Rep. Ed Henry who have championed this legislation.”

She added, “Although the measure passed late out of the committee, House Rules Committee Blaine Gallagher immediately placed it on the calendar for a vote. Pro-Life Speaker of the House Mike Hubbard presided over passage of the bill and we are most grateful for his leadership protecting innocent human lives in our state.”

The Alabama House approved the bill on a margin of 76-28, pulling votes from both sides of the aisle.

Study after study shows that when public funds are used to pay for abortions, the abortion rate increases. Conversely, when public funds are prohibited from being used to pay for abortions, the abortion rate declines. Restrictions on abortion funding, like the Hyde Amendment, have been instrumental in reducing the abortion rate. If approved by Governor Bentley, Alabama will maintain its broad prohibition of public funds going toward abortions and continue to save lives.