Abortion Practitioner to Quit Doing Abortions Next Month

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   May 9, 2012   |   3:19PM   |   Washington, DC

The home of the so-called Happiest Place on Earth will get a little more happy as news surfaces today that Florida abortion practitioner Scott Spagnolo-Hye will hang up his forceps next month and stop doing abortions.

The Orlando, Florida-based abortion practitioner revealed in a videotaped conversation that June 2 will be the last day he does abortions in the central Florida city. Jill Stanek uncovered the video showing him speaking to a local pro-life advocate, one of many who have protested at his four abortion centers.

“June 2 is my last day,” Spagnolo-Hye said, and added that he would be shifting to family practice medicine.

The pro-life advocate who posted the video credited Divine Inspiration as the reason for the abortion practitioner calling it quits.

I have been speaking to Scott for about two years… I have prayed with him shared God’s word with him, stood in front of his house and have continued to pray for and talk to him… He said he hated this but after so long you just wonder… Well he has quit and is going to meet with me to discuss where he stands with God and repentance… Won’t you pray with me?

Stanek said Spagnolo-Hye’s decision to stop doing abortions is a result of the way in which pro-life advocates continue to reach out to abortion practitioners with prayers and pickets.

Pro-lifers have interesting relationships with abortionists and abortion mill staff.

On one hand pro-lifers must condemn their work and use all legal tools necessary – such as picketing homes, as in the picture, right – to try to persuade not only a change of occupation but also a change of heart, for the sake of their souls.

On the other hand pro-lifers try to reach out to abortion workers on a personal level to let them know they are there for them should they decide to leave the trade, and are praying for them as well.

So, while relationships between the two sides may be understandably strained, I just as often hear almost unimaginable stories, except by the grace of God, of relationships built… of the pro-lifer going for coffee with the abortionist, etc.

Abby Johnson is an example of an abortion clinic worker whose first thought was to go to the very people who had been picketing her Planned Parenthood for years when she decided to make her escape. And during this spring’s 40 Days for Life prayer campaign, eight workers quit, for a total of 69 over the last 10 campaigns since 2007.