Pro-Life Students Save Three Babies From Abortions

Opinion   |   Kristan Hawkins   |   May 3, 2012   |   10:44AM   |   Washington, DC

I wanted to share with you some news guaranteed to make you smile! We have recently received word that not one, not two, but three babies’ lives have been saved through the work of Students for Life of America!

The first child was saved by our Moorpark SFL group at Moorpark College. They were using SFLA posters and fliers from our “events in a box” campaign to educate and engage their campus. Although the posters were vandalized almost immediately, the students were able to use this as an opportunity to engage with their peers. The result – a young mother who was contemplating abortion chose life after a pro-life student shared information on fetal development and assisted her to the pregnancy care center next door for additional information and counseling!

The second child was saved by the gentle and wise counseling of the Vice President of our Providence SFL club outside of a Planned Parenthood abortion facility. In front of the abortion facility, Rebecca had a lengthy conversation with a young mother contemplating abortion. The young mother seemed like she was going to choose life but still went inside the abortion facility.

Rebecca returned to campus feeling rejected but continued to pray for the young mother. Later that day, the young mother called Rebecca to inform her that she was keeping her child! The turning point; viewing a graphic photo of an aborted child that Rebecca gently showed her!

Unfortunately, the young mother was still stuck at Planned Parenthood as she had no ride. So, Rebecca and her friend Dylan quickly jumped in their car, picked her up, befriended her and drove her home. Rebecca and Dylan continue to be in touch with this young mom and are eager to do whatever they need to do to show her that they are there to support her.

The third story comes from our University of Michigan SFL group. An undergraduate student had just become pregnant and reached out to the Students for Life group there on campus. She was familiar with them due to their promotions of our ”Pregnant on Campus” Initiative through billboards and sidewalk chalking. The students responded to her with “help and kindness” and the mother is now, “set on my decision to keep the baby.”

Aren’t these stories amazing?

To hear that our pro-life student campus groups are saving lives through personal interaction, our materials, our “Pregnant on Campus” initiative, billboards and our sidewalk chalking efforts means the world to me. With all of the recent negative news coming from the current presidential administration via mandates and ultimatums, it is refreshing to hear from our grassroots students that lives are being saved and hearts and minds are being changed.

And all of this wouldn’t be possible without the support of amazing people like you!  So once again, thank you for your prayers and continuing investment in Students for Life.