Obamacare “Secrecy Clause” Demands Payment for Abortions

Opinion   |   Alan Sears   |   Apr 30, 2012   |   10:49AM   |   Washington, DC

When Congress passed ObamaCare in March 2010, then Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Cal.) admitted she didn’t know what was in the bill, but promised constituents and fellow politicians, “We’ll find out what’s in it once we pass it.” Talk about a harbinger of things to come.

And in the two years since the bill’s passage the American people have not only found out what’s in it, they’ve discovered that part of the legislation purposely hides the fact that ObamaCare covers abortions. (This although politicians supporting ObamaCare repeatedly told the American people that abortion would not be covered.)

When looking through the pages the healthcare overhaul, specifically Sec. 1310(b)(3), on page 781, one finds the “Secrecy Clause.” This clause outlines how ObamaCare both demands that insurance companies pay for abortion and that they co-operate with the White House by keeping this coverage secret.

What this means is that although some of the ObamaCare-compliant insurance plans cover elective abortion while others do not, the insurance companies are not allowed to communicate in advance which plans do in fact cover abortion. This information is guarded and may never be known to individuals signing up for the insurance policies their employers offer, unless those specific individuals take time to read the fine print.

And here’s the kicker – even if an employee discovers that the insurance he or she has signed up for covers abortions and therefore contains an extra fee for abortion, the employee has no option under ObamaCare rules but to take the healthcare or, dare they opt out, to pay an exorbitant fee for bypassing the healthcare plan offered through the employer.

In other words, it’s abortion or else under President Obama’s plan.



This is yet another assault on rights of conscience which we’ve seen emerging again and again from ObamaCare. Clearly, it appears that the position President Obama is holding to here is that abortion will not only be defended but promoted at all costs. Employees will have access to free, elective abortions whenever they want them, and employers will be forced to pay the premiums for the insurance that covers them.

In all of this, the idyllic “choice” for which so many on the left have contended for so long is the very thing they are now denying to employers and employees alike.

Life itself is under fire here, and conscience and freedom along with it.

LifeNews Note: Alan Sears, a former federal prosecutor in the Reagan Administration, is president and CEO of the Alliance Defense Fund.