Is Planned Parenthood Arranging Sex-Selection Abortions?

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Apr 23, 2012   |   7:29PM   |   Washington, DC

The Planned Parenthood abortion business believes it is facing another national expose’ at the hands of pro-life activist Lila Rose, this time over the potential that it is arranging sex-selection abortions.

Rose is the head of Live Action, which has been instrumental in exposing how the nation’s biggest abortion business covered up cases of statutory rape and sex trafficking by arranging abortions on girls who were victimized. Live Action also exposed how Planned Parenthood would provide erroneous information about fetal development and abortion’s risks and alternatives to women.

Live Action also released videotaped footage of calls to 30 Planned Parenthood centers nationwide in 27 different states where abortion facility staff were asked whether or not mammograms could be performed on site. Every one of the Planned Parenthood centers admitted they could not do mammograms. Every Planned Parenthood, without exception, told the women calling that they will have to go elsewhere for a mammogram, and many clinics admitted that no Planned Parenthood clinics provide this breast cancer screening procedure.

Now, Planned Parenthood tells the Huffington Post it may be facing another campaign from Live Action to expose its practices on how it would handle someone seeking a sex-selection abortion.

According to Planned Parenthood spokesperson Chloe Cooney, clinics in at least 11 states have reported two dozen or more “hoax visits” over the past several weeks, in which a woman walks into a clinic, claims to be pregnant and asks a particular pattern of provocative questions about sex-selective abortions, such as how soon she can find out the gender of the fetus, by what means and whether she can schedule an abortion if she’s having a girl.

While patient privacy laws prohibit Planned Parenthood from offering specific details about the visits and where they occurred, Cooney told The Huffington Post that the incidents are so unusual and so similar to each other that they have raised concerns among the organization’s executives that the visits are being recorded as part of a concerted anti-Planned Parenthood campaign.

“For years opponents of reproductive health and Planned Parenthood have engaged in secret videotaping tactics with fictitious patient scenarios and selective editing in an attempt to promote misinformation about Planned Parenthood and our services,” Cooney said. “As with the prior instances, we anticipate that once again this group, likely in coordination with a broad range of anti-abortion leaders, will soon launch a propaganda campaign with the goal of discrediting Planned Parenthood, and, ultimately, restricting women’s health.”

While Planned Parenthood has no proof that Live Action is behind the current series of encounters, Cooney said the group is the most coordinated in their operations and that the recent string of incidents “follows their pattern exactly.”

Life News talked with Rose, who said her group can’t confirm whether they are currently engaging in any undercover investigations focusing on the abortion business.

“Live Action’s policy is not to comment on or confirm ongoing investigative research until its conclusion and public release,” she said.

If Live Action is indeed conducting another investigation, Planned Parenthood’s attempt here to head off the results before the organization releases them would not mark the first occasion on which it attempted to do so. Planned Parenthood representatives spoke with the Washington Post just a short time before Live Action released the sex trafficking videos showing Planned Parenthood staffers arranging abortions for victims. The abortion business also spoke with the Washington Post to put its spin on the breaking of the story of Komen for the Cure cutting its funding — causing a massive backlash and an eventual reversal in its decision.



A handful of states specifically prohibit sex-selection abortions — Arizona, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania and Illinois — but Planned Parenthood’s representative made it appear the abortion business would have no problem with doing abortions for those reasons. In fact, comments from Planned Parenthood’s representative make some wonder whether the abortion business would ever ask if a woman or couple wanted an abortion for that reason.

“Decisions about whether to choose adoption, end the pregnancy or to raise a child have to be left up to a woman, her family and her faith, with the counsel of her doctor,” Cooney said.

The Post also quoted one Asian-American activist who appeared to oppose legislation to ban sex-selection abortions.

“Abortion restrictions are a non-solution, and Planned Parenthood and others who have been providing necessary women’s health care for gazillions of years are not the perpetuators of the war on women.”

However, if Planned Parenthood is indeed arranging sex-selection abortions for women and couples who want boy babies over girls, the further public damage to its tenuous reputation may be hard to calculate.