Planned Parenthood Video Attacks Romney’s Pro-Life Views

Politics   |   Andrew Bair   |   Apr 19, 2012   |   10:28AM   |   Washington, DC

Planned Parenthood is once again on the attack against presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney. In a new ad, entitled “Just Like Rick,” Planned Parenthood calls Mitt Romney “dangerous” for “women’s health,” noting the shared pro-life positions of Romney and former primary opponent Rick Santorum.

The ad also uses a clip from a recent interview in which Romney indicates as president he would cut federal funding to Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion business.

Planned Parenthood’s incessant attacks on Romney are understandable. In the past few days, a Gallup poll showed Romney up as much as five points over pro-abortion President Obama. A CBS/New York Times poll showed the race in a dead heat. Obama’s poll numbers over Romney appear to have peaked in mid-February when Romney was in the midst of a contentious primary battle. With the Republican base now rallying to Romney’s side, he currently holds the momentum over the president.

Planned Parenthood knows Romney’s election means the repeal of the pro-abortion Obama healthcare law, game-changing appointments to the Supreme Court and end of the abortion provider’s federal funding. This recent attack ad should be worn as a badge of honor by the Romney campaign.

Rick Santorum is admired by millions of Americans for his advocacy on behalf of unborn children and their mothers. Santorum spearheaded the effort to pass the monumental partial-birth abortion ban in the US Senate. The Santorum family is also an inspiration to families nationwide who have children with disabilities. Since the birth of his daughter Bella, born with the genetic disorder Trisomy 18, Santorum has championed the right to life for children with disabilities.

Perhaps only outdone by Nancy Pelosi who claimed “women would be left to die on the floor” if a ban on abortion funding in Obamacare was passed, Planned Parenthood makes exaggerated claims in its hit on Romney. Planned Parenthood says under Romney “women would have a harder time getting breast and cervical cancer screenings.”

As the husband of a breast cancer survivor, it should go without saying that Mitt Romney cares deeply about women at risk for these diseases. Romney just happens to believe instead of investing federal funds for fighting breast cancer into organizations like Planned Parenthood (which does not even provide mammograms), the money should go to groups actually helping women.

After Texas voted to cut funding to Planned Parenthood, the abortion provider claimed thousands of women’s healthcare would be in peril. In order to punish Texas, the Obama Administration cut off the Women’s Health Care Program (WHP) for over 100,000 Texas women at over 2,400 providers for the sake of Planned Parenthood, which provides only limited health service at 44 facilities in Texas.



In response, Governor Rick Perry vowed the state would fund the program on its own without federal assistance. Recently, Billy Milwee, the state’s Medicaid director, announced that Texas had found a way to fully fund the program to provide women with non-abortion reproductive health care at hundreds of other locations across the state.

This is just the opening act for Planned Parenthood in its general election campaign against Romney’s and his pro-life stance. However, drawing attention to the contrast between Romney and Obama on abortion only helps Romney.

Obama’s pro-abortion record is unparalleled. From opposing legal protection for infant survivors of abortion while in the Illinois legislature to passing the largest expansion of abortion since Roe vs. Wade, also known as Obamacare, Obama is completely outside of the mainstream on abortion. Research from the National Right to Life Committee shows that pro-life candidates continue to enjoy an edge over pro-abortion candidates.