Miracle Baby Survives in Romania Despite No Intestine

International   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Apr 16, 2012   |   7:07PM   |   Washington, DC

A miracle baby has survived for eight months despite the fact that he has no intestine. The story provides parents hope about the resiliency of new born to survive long odds that doctors may suggest are too difficult to overcome and should be dealt with via an abortion.

As the news report indicates:

Baby Andrei has proven to be a miracle baby by staying alive without an intestine for all these months. Andrei was born eight months ago and at that time doctors said that he would not live for more than a few hours. However, he proved them all wrong, since it has been eight months since he was born and is still alive.

Andrei was born in a small town in Romania to a gypsy couple who could barely make ends meet. He was born with twig-thin limbs, almost no intestines and had no fat on his body. Even now he does not have a lot of fat on his bones, but has a lot of zeal for living.

Although Obamacare is properly called a bill that would promote abortions and rationing, the health care system in Romania apparently is significantly worse:

The problem with hospitals and doctors in Romania is that they do not perform any procedure unless they are given bribes and Andrei’s family is not financially capable of doing that.

Fortunately, the little boy has the prospect of help in the United States.

Harvard University and hospitals in Boston have offered to help baby Andrei after seeing a report which chronicled how Dr. Catalin Cirstoveanu, the head of the neonatal unit at Bucharest’s Marie Curie children’s hospital, helps babies to fly off to other countries so that they can get treatment done. In that report, there were also some pictures of Andrei in his incubator, which generated sympathies for him around the world.

Now the doctors in America will perform a complicated intestine transplant that has never been performed on babies in Europe. The procedure will help baby Andrei get his intestine, which currently is just four inches long. A normal baby’s intestine at this age is supposed to be several yards long.

Baby Andrei is already a favorite at the Romanian hospital where he is admitted. He is a favorite of all the nurses, who take turns in holding them in their arms. Even Andrei loves being held and whenever he is put back in the incubator, he wrinkles his nose and starts crying. The nurses at the hospital even played lottery so that they could win money for baby Andrei’s operation. It is being hoped that the operation will go well and Andrei will come back to being a normal baby very soon.

According to CNN, Andrei’s parents are teenagers who live with a grandmother and they don’t have the funds for proper medical care.

Andrei’s parents are living in poverty in the Eastern part of Romania, in Tecuci. The baby’s father is 19, while his mother is only 15-years-old. They do not have enough money to raise a child, they couldn’t even go too often to the hospital in Bucharest, where their little boy is being treated.

“We visited him five or six times, we did not have the money for paying more visits,” Narcis Broasca, the baby’s father, said. Narcis works occasionally; he doesn’t have a permanent job.

The minor parents live with the baby’s grandmother. She remembers the doctors didn’t think the child would survive.

“In the first place, the physician gave him only three months. He said the baby would die in three months,” the 30-year-old grandmother explained.