MASH Actress Sally Kellerman Promotes Planned Parenthood

National   |   Jennie Stone   |   Apr 16, 2012   |   3:34PM   |   Washington, DC

It seems like stars are becoming more and more infamous for spreading false information about the abortion giant Planned Parenthood. Even Barack Obama has started following the trend.

Sally Kellerman, best-known for her role in the 1970 film “M*A*S*H,” wrote on her Facebook page that “Planned Parenthood is women’s HEALTH SERVICES: mammograms, contraception of all kinds, vaginal testing, cancer screening. Out of 100% of money received by Planned Parenthood, only 3% goes to abortions and most goes to referrals. 3 PERCENT! The government pays for nothing! Plus, they don’t charge for this!”

Let’s break down this ludicrous post (which, naturally, was applauded by Kellerman’s supporters). First of all, I feel like the majority of people who have a grasp of what Planned Parenthood is actually about are beginning to sound like broken records, having to correct ignorant Planned Parenthood supporters on the fact that not a single Planned Parenthood in the nation provides mammograms. Zero.

Second, “[o]ut of 100% of money received by Planned Parenthood,” nearly 14% comes from abortion services alone (even though Sally wholeheartedly believes that “they don’t charge for this!” Which, I assume, refers to abortions.). Not “3 PERCENT!” Planned Parenthood has for so long touted the “3%” claim that its supporters just stick it into any statistic that sounds good.

Further, over one in ten of Planned Parenthood’s overall patients obtains an abortion in their facilities, and half their clinic income is derived from abortion procedures.



Third, “[t]he government pays for nothing!” Whom are you kidding, Sally? Almost half of Planned Parenthood’s billion-dollar income – a whopping $487,000,000 – was federal funding in 2010. If you want to get technical, I guess you could actually claim that the government pays for nothing…since it comes straight out of the taxpayers’ wallets.

I’m calling on the stars to start doing a little research on their beloved Planned Parenthood before continuing to spew false and ignorant claims about it. Note: Jennie Stone writes for the Live Action blog and this column is reprinted with permission.