39 Women Walk 250 Miles to Speak for Unborn Children

State   |   Jacinda Timmerman   |   Apr 11, 2012   |   5:20PM   |   Washington, DC

Thirty-nine young women recently completed  a 21-day march for life.  Some have been personally affected by abortion in some way while others simply have a burden for the issue and have taken personal responsibility.

Carisma is an abortion survivor standing in the gap for the Hispanic community and for the “voiceless who deserve the right to live out their God-given Destiny.”  Anna from Washington desires to see a purity revolution among her generation.  Tennille is a post abortive woman, walking for the unborn and to bring hope to her generation that there is healing from the debilitating impact of abortion.  LaSondra is walking on behalf of the African American community, where one out of two babies doesn’t have a chance to make it out of the womb alive.

39 young women.  39 strong and courageous women from across the nation.  Some post-abortive, some survivors of abortion, others stirred by this national calamity who have chosen to walk for life because of their passion for the issue.  Together, these women represent the stand for life in the midst of a culture of death.

Each one represents a year of legalized abortion in America.  Together they walked 250 miles from the nation’s largest Planned Parenthood center, located in Houston, Texas, to the courthouse in Dallas where the Roe v. Wade case legalizing abortion was first heard.  They are calling America “Back to Life.”

Step in their shoes.  Feel the blisters on their feet.  Feel the weariness of their soles, the soreness of their muscles.  Endure the alternating heat and rain.  Sense the determination and passion within their souls.  Hear the prayers their hearts cry.  Celebrate each day’s victory as another goal is reached.  Their eyes are resolute, physically set upon Dallas, spiritually set on so much more.

According to Marcela, “As a young Hispanic woman affected by abortion in the most personal way, I am walking out my Trail of Tears, so that Hispanic women affected by abortion will have the courage to break out of their silence, and be a voice to end this injustice in every culture.”  Alice is an Asian American walking on behalf of all the Asian women who have been affected by abortion.  She desires to be a voice and to break the tradition of silence.

Maranda is walking to represent the beauty of motherhood and to show the world that there are good families willing to adopt children and help mothers in crisis.  Star is walking “for the family members I never met and to be an example to this generation, empowering them to choose purity and abstinence until marriage and break generational curses to receive the covenant blessings.”

Back to Life is a young women’s movement fashioned to awaken America’s conscience to the injustices of abortion by amplifying the female voice.  Laura Allred, founder of Back to Life, commented, “While there are many prominent voices on both sides of the abortion issue, the young, 20-something women – those most directly impacted – often are not heard. This purposeful pilgrimage will bring attention to the post Roe v. Wade generation as they call for hope, healing and action this election year.”

The walk began on March 17 as these 39 young women left everything behind to embark on this symbolic journey depicting America’s tragic path of abortion. They are taking a radical stand for life.  A video documentary team has traveled with the group and enabled the girls to stream updates and share their personal stories of how abortion has affected their lives.

Each day has had a different prayer focus related to abortion.  Categories have included apathy, eugenics, fueling abortion through sexual immorality, sexual purity, and children: a most precious gift.

According to walker Danielle, “I believe that there are moments that the Lord has created to shift the course of history and that this walk is one of those moments for the ending of abortion.”

The walk culminated on April 6, 2012, on the courthouse steps in Dallas, TX.  There, the women and other prayer warriors and pro-life supporters prayed for God’s forgiveness for the innocent blood that has been shed through abortion in the past 39 years.  An estimated 54 million babies have been aborted in the country since the procedure became legal.  The group continued their prayers in the Dallas Convention Center, where thousands of women gathered to participate in The Esther Call, led by Lou Engle.

Only time will tell the impact these thousands of steps will have on history.  But for these young women, their mantra remains, “My voice will be heard.”